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Where is the Winged Sapphire?

Winged Sapphires are special collectible items that will give you a 2% discount when purchasing upgrades for Skylanders on The Dread-Yacht. One Winged Sapphire is located in each chapter of the Story Mode, and sometimes one more can be found between the chapters on The Dread-Yacht.

How many winged sapphires are there in swap force?

Today though, I show you how to get all ten of the Winged Sapphires in Skylanders Spyros Adventure. I also show some of the other things you can do in the main overworld of Spyros Adventure called the Ruins.

What is the max level in Skylanders SuperChargers?

In Skylanders: Giants, Skylanders can use the points to go to the highest level in that game: 15. In Swap Force, Trap Team, and SuperChargers, 20 is the maximum level cap.

How do you buy upgrades in Skylanders Swap Force?

To fully upgrade a Swappable Skylander you need 18,200 coins (9,100 per half), to fully upgrade a regular Skylander or Giant you need 14,200 coins. Note that some upgrades require preceding upgrades to have been bought before they unlock.

What Skylander has the highest stats?


Skylander Speed Max Health
Stealth Elf 50 540
Sunburn 43 560
Eruptor 35 580
Ignitor 43 480

How many levels Skylanders Swap Force?

The Skylanders Swap Force Walkthrough contains a full guide to all 17 Chapters, including Collectibles, Giant Chest locations, Elemental Gates, Swap Zones, Elemental Boosts and much more. Note – Every Chapter contains a Giant Chest.

How do you change paths in Skylanders?

From what I can tell, the only way to switch paths without resetting the toy is to go into the upgrade menu on a game after the first game the character was released for.

How do you upgrade Skylanders?

At that discount to fully upgrade a Skylander you need 11,360 coins, which at full price is 14,200 coins. Note that you can’t buy an upgrade that enhances another ability if you haven’t already bought that ability to enhance.

What does luck do in Skylanders?

Defense (how much damage their armor and body will absorb from an enemy attack) Luck (how quickly they recover from stun attacks), and is used in other non-skill based aspects of the game.

What is the max level for Skylanders Imaginators?

Unlike Skylanders of other types, the Imaginators are capable of reaching up to level higher than 20 based on the amount of Senseis one has in their collection. If one were to collect all 31 Senseis, 13 Alt Deco Senseis, and the 5 known Sensei Chase Variants, the Imaginator level cap would be 64.

How many chapters are in superchargers?

There are 53 chapters to the game – significantly more than previous games – but they are grouped into regions. When playing through a region, you advance directly from one chapter to the next. Any Skylanders that get knocked out will stay knocked out until you finish the region (and end up at the Academy).

Where do you get Soul Gems in Skylanders?

Soul Gems must be bought from Persephone, but they let you unlock the final move for each of your Skylanders, so they are probably something you want to keep an eye out for. Winged Sapphires: There are 10 total Winged Sapphires hidden throughout the game, and if you manage to find all of them, you can get a 20% discount!

What’s the gimmick of Skylanders SuperChargers?

Skylanders: SuperChargers introduces new toys too- the gimmick this time around is the vehicles that come with each Skylander. The vehicles come in a variety of forms, to cover land, air, and sea. When you pair these vehicles with the right SuperCharger, the vehicle in game gets SuperCharged, sort of evolving into a more powerful version of itself.

Where do you find wish stones in Skylanders?

Wish Stones are hidden in crates in the Academy and throughout the adventure. Drop them in the Academy’s Wishing Well to gain a random effect. Hats do nothing, but they look cool on your Skylander! Stardust helps you level up your Portal Master Rank.

Are there any Amiibo compatible with Skylanders SuperChargers?

The Nintendo versions of Skylanders: SuperChargers comes with an incredible neat bonus that should make it extremely appealing to anybody who is into the Toys to Life genre- cross compatibility with Nintendo’s similarly NFC enabled Amiibo toys.