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Where is the hidden treasure in Magnys lighthouse in Borderlands 2?

The bottle is located on a ledge beside the stalker-infested tunnel behind Spire Town Docks.

How do you get into Magnys lighthouse?

Off in the distance is a tall structure, Magnys Lighthouse. Near the left side of these buildings is a way up. Kill the bad guys, and there’s a gate that can be lifted by a lever, which is activated by a quest. Past that gate, is the travel point to Magnys Lighthouse.

Where is the treasure in Message in a Bottle Borderlands 2?

The treasure is on the north side of the circle on the mini map, under a wooden framework, next to a stairway, and is marked by a black X on the ground. It can be seen from the cliff edge, looking in towards the scrap yard.

How do I get to Hayter’s Folly?

The den is, at first, only accessible through the Aquanexus, but upon the defeat of Grendel, a wall collapses that leads to the Hayter’s Folly entrance area near the vending machines and the fast travel station. After Grendel’s death, a couple of cave crystalisks will take up residence in the den.

Where does X marks the spot take place?

X Marks The Spot is the ninth and final story mission in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty . X Marks the Spot begins innocently at Magnys Lighthouse, but quickly changes when Captain Scarlett announces her betrayal.

Where to find the treasure of the Sands in Borderlands?

Exiting Magnys Lighthouse is expedited by a one-way Fast Travel terminal, with the nearest destination to the Treasure of the Sands being the now-deserted Buccaneer’s Bacchanal in Wurmwater. A quick trip by sandskiff will bring adventurers to the indicated area, at which point the Leviathan bursts from the sand and swallows everyone whole.

Where are the legendary chests in Borderlands 2?

After you defeat Leviathan, you will gain entry into his treasure room. The 4 skull and crossbones chests at the top (as well as a 5th one down around the base of the pyramid) have the highest probability of any chest in the game of containing a legendary.

What happens in Phase 3 of Borderlands 2?

Phase 3: Leviathan’s “neck” will extend from it’s mouth periodically throughout this phase that exposes the 4th “blue spot” overhead which must be attacked to kill Leviathan. Periodically the Leviathan will “throw” large boulders in the air that drop straight down and deal a lot of damage. Sandworms adds again spawn throughout phase 3.