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Where is Strabag based?

STRABAG SE is an Austrian construction company based in Spittal an der Drau, Austria, with its headquarters in Vienna. It is the largest construction company in Austria and one of the largest construction companies in Europe….Strabag.

Type Societas Europaea
Parent Basalt-Actien-Gesellschaft

Who is the owner of STRABAG?

BIBAG Bauindustrie-, Beteiligungs- und Verwaltungs-Aktiengesellschaft as majority owner of BAU HOLDING AG takes over the majority in STRABAG AG, Cologne.

What does STRABAG do?

STRABAG is a European-based technology group for construction services, a leader in innovation and financial strength. Our services span all areas of the construction industry. We create added value for our clients by our specialised entities integrating the most diverse services and assuming responsibility for them.

What is the history of the company Strabag?

Corporate history. Today’s STRABAG Group has its origins in ILBAU, founded in 1835 in Austria, and in the namesake STRABAG, founded in 1895 in Germany. Over the years, the company has grown – in part through acquisitions – into one of Europe’s largest construction companies. In our activities, we can draw on the know-how and experience built up…

Who are the shareholders of Strabag in Germany?

STRABAG establishes a single brand identity in its transportation infrastructures business in Germany. 18 companies – including HEILIT+WOERNER, Hermann Kirchner and F. Kirchhoff – are renamed or merged. In April 2016, a share purchase agreement was concluded with the minority shareholders of Stuttgart-based Ed.

When was Zublin and STRABAG AG founded?

Züblin AG, Stuttgart, which was founded in 1898. Thereupon, STRABAG AG, Cologne, disposed its Building Construction & Civil Engineering activities to its sister company Züblin and focused predominantly on the Transportation Infrastructures segment.

When did Bauholding STRABAG AG change its name?

Spin-off of the free float of BAUHOLDING STRABAG AG and delisting from the Vienna Stock Exchange. In October 2004, the legal form of BAUHOLDING STRABAG AG changes to Societas Europaea (SE), a company structure based on European law, the firm’s name has thus now changed to BAUHOLDING STRABAG SE.