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Where is Soul brand from?

Soul Electronics (stylized as SOUL Electronics or simply SOUL) is an audio equipment company….Soul Electronics.

Formerly Signeo USA
Founded 2010
Headquarters Hong Kong
Products Headphones earbuds speakers

Which website is best for headphones?

Most Popular Headphone Websites

  • TechRadar.
  • Tom’s Guide.
  • PCGamer.
  • T3.
  • Head-Fi.
  • Reddit – r/headphones.
  • AudioCheck.

How do you reset Soul headphones?

As your earbuds are in the case, press and hold the touch control buttons on both sides for at least 15 seconds until the white LEDs flash once. Take them out of the case and you will see Blue and White LEDs blink which indicates that it is in auto pair mode.

How do you reset Soul earphones?

  1. Put both earphones back to the charging case.
  2. Press the power (S) button for around 6 sec/ until there are white led lights flash once.
  3. But you might need to manually connect both earphones again once they are reset.

Is Boult a good brand?

One major advantage of Boult earphones is that they have superb battery life. So overall, Boult products are good and offer good value for the asking money. On the other hand, Boat is a big company that has launched some impressive audio products. Boat products are reliable and more premium..

Which earphones are best under 200?

Best Earphones Under 200 (2021)

Best Earphones Under 200 Prices
Boat Airdopes 441 Rs. 199
Ambrane Stringz-38 Rs. 149
Zebronics Zeb-Bro Rs. 133
Zebronics Zeb-Calyx Rs. 139