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Where is Haven City in Jak and Daxter?

Haven City is a location in Daxter, Jak II, Jak 3, and Jak X: Combat Racing. It is a metropolitan city-state at the bottom of sprawling alps on the coastline of a massive wasteland. The city is all-encompassed by a large barrier wall, which serves to protect its inhabitants and assets from outside threats (hence the city’s name).

Why are all of the orbs inaccessible in JAK 2?

If you’re wanting to start the game using the Level Select to access all of the Orbs, this won’t actually work. If you pick a level after the “Destroy Eggs at Drill Platform” mission, Orbs #3 and #4 will be inaccessible, because you never destroyed two path-blocking walls with the turret, and will be unable to do so again.

Where are the Precursor orbs in Haven Forest?

1/9 – The river running through Haven Forest starts at a waterfall in the north–west corner. A Precursor orb hides at the base of this waterfall. 2–8/9 – If you follow the river you will find a lake, all orbs are submerged in the water here and only visible from up close.

Where to find the orb in dead town?

1–6/8 – As you enter Dead Town and head for the nearby Titan Suit, climb the scaffolding to the right. If you look to the north–east you can see an orb underneath the ruins.

How did Haven City destroy the Metal Heads?

After building Haven City, Mar devised a scheme to destroy the Metal Heads by constructing a massive weapon stationed at the Metal Head nest, which would channel the energy of the last Precursor Stone to penetrate their defenses.

Who was the founder of Haven City in RuneScape?

The city was founded by the legendary Mar, who was storied to have built the Shield Wall and the city’s eco grid. His descendants, the House of Mar, would go on to rule the city for most of its history.