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Where is drop cap in Indesign?

Paragraph panel
Locate the “Drop Cap Number of Lines” icon in the Paragraph panel. This is the bottom left icon in the panel and looks like a drop cap “A” with a vertical arrow beside it. Decide on the number of lines you want the text to be dropped and then type this number into the “Drop Cap Number of Lines” text field.

How do you drop cap in Indesign?

To apply the drop cap to a single paragraph, choose Drop Caps And Nested Styles from the Paragraph panel menu. To nest the character style in a paragraph style, double-click the paragraph style, and then click Drop Caps And Nested Styles.

How do you drop cap in Word?

Add a drop cap

  1. Select the first character of a paragraph.
  2. Go to INSERT > Drop Cap.
  3. Select the drop cap option you want. To create a drop cap that fits within your paragraph, select Dropped. To create a drop cap that is in the margin, outside of your paragraph, select In margin.

How do you create a drop cap in indesign enter a value for?

Position the pointer in the paragraph to which you want to add the drop cap (1). On the control bar at the top, open the tools dedicated to the paragraph, and click on the icon with three vertical lines (2) at the far left. In the selection, click on the Drop Caps and Nested Styles… option (3).

What is a drop cap typography?

A ‘drop cap’ or ‘initial’ is a specifically-styled first letter of a block of text that is usually larger and sometimes more ornate than the surrounding letterforms.

What are drop caps?

A drop cap is the where the first character of the first paragraph is made larger, taking up several lines of text or the first few sentences. Drop caps are used in various media, including books, newspaper articles, documents, and webpages. Here is a paragraph that starts using a drop cap letter.

Where is the drop cap menu in Word?

To add a drop cap in Word, select the letter to which to add a drop cap. Then click the “Insert” tab in the Ribbon. Then click the “Drop Cap” drop-down button in the “Text” button group. Three choices and a command then appear in the drop-down menu.

Why drop cap is used?

A brief history of drop caps Drop caps are a specific kind of initial letter, large letters that appear at the beginning of a block of text. On the web, we use drop caps for similar reasons: both as a design accent, and as a visual cue to draw the reader’s eye toward an important piece of text.

Should Drop caps be indented?

There are no hard and fast rules, but there are some strong recommendations. The consensus is that for both eBooks and paperbacks, the first paragraph in a chapter shouldn’t be indented. None had indented first paragraphs, and four of the five used drop caps.