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Where is Bauer Media based?

Heinrich Bauer Publishing (German: Heinrich Bauer Verlag KG), trading as Bauer Media Group, is a German multimedia conglomerate headquartered in Hamburg.

What does Bauer Media publish?

BAUER AUDIO Spanning 8 countries – the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland and Slovakia, Bauer Media Audio owns leading brands including KISS, Mix Megapol, Absolute Radio, Magic Radio, Radio Norge, Radio Expres, Radio Nova, Radio 100, Today FM, Newstalk and RMF.

What magazines do Bauer own?

Germany’s Bauer family, whose UK empire includes the magazines Heat, Grazia, Closer, Take A Break and Bella, the radio stations Kiss and Magic and a television venture with Channel 4, must rank as one of the most low-profile media owners in Britain.

What magazines does Bauer publish in NZ?

The New Zealand portfolio will consist of flagship titles Woman’s Day, New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, and The Australian Women’s Weekly NZ, along with Your Home & Garden, current affairs weekly NZ Listener and Air New Zealand’s award-winning magazine Kia Ora.

Who owns Bauer Media Audio Ireland?

Bauer Media Audio, which already operates stations in the UK, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Denmark and Finland, is part of Hamburg-headquartered Bauer Media Group, a massive family-owned media conglomerate that employs about 15,000 people and dates back to a small printing operation in 1875.

Who is the owner of Heat magazine?

Bauer Radio
The station is owned by Bauer Radio, a division of the company, Bauer, which owns Heat magazine.

What company owns Bauer Hockey?

Old PSG Wind-down Ltd.
Bauer Hockey/Parent organizations

Is Bauer a German company?

Bauer AG is a Germany-based holding company of a global group of more than 110 companies operating in the fields of construction and machinery manufacturing. It is divided into three business segments. The Construction segment carries out the established methods and techniques of specialist foundation engineering.

Is the listener still being published?

The Bauer Media Group closed The Listener in April 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in New Zealand. In June 2020, Mercury Capital acquired the magazine as part of its purchase of Bauer Media’s former Australia and New Zealand assets, which were rebranded as Are Media.

Who owns off the ball?

Bauer Media Audio Ireland
It is on air seven days a week. Primarily a sports news review, opinion and analysis show, it has also produced video documentaries on sporting topics….Off the Ball (media company)

Off The Ball
Owned by Bauer Media Audio Ireland
Founded 2002
Headquarters Dublin, Ireland
Language English

How many radio stations do Bauer own?

Hits. Greatest Hits Radio, Classic hits radio network of 44 radio stations, available on local AM, FM and DAB, with a national DAB station.