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Where does Vangelis live now?

Vangelis, the Oscar-winning composer of “Chariots of Fire” and “Blade Runner” lives in Paris — unless he lives in London, or his native Athens.

What country is Vangelis from?


Why is Chariots of Fire called that?

The film’s title was inspired by the line “Bring me my Chariot of fire!” from the William Blake poem adapted into the British hymn “Jerusalem”; the hymn is heard at the end of the film. The original phrase “chariot(s) of fire” is from 2 Kings 2:11 and 6:17 in the Bible.

Where did Vangelis set up his recording studio?

In August 1975, after Vangelis had settled in a flat in Marble Arch, London where he set up his new 16-track studio, Nemo Studios, which Vangelis named his “laboratory”, he secured a recording deal with RCA Records.

What kind of music did Vangelis play as a child?

Vangelis studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts. Vangelis found traditional Greek music as particularly important in his childhood, but at twelve developed an interest in jazz and rock. At fifteen, he started to form school bands, not to cover other musicians but to have fun. Vangelis acquired his first Hammond organ at eighteen.

What was the name of the movie Vangelis scored for?

Vangelis wrote the score for the 1992 film Bitter Moon directed by Roman Polanski, and The Plague directed by Luis Puenzo. In the 90s, Vangelis scored a number of undersea documentaries for French ecologist and filmmaker, Jacques Cousteau, one of which was shown at the Earth Summit.

How old was Vangelis when he got his Hammond organ?

Vangelis acquired his first Hammond organ at eighteen. In 1963, Vangelis and three school friends started a five-piece rock band The Forminx (or The Formynx), playing cover songs and original material largely written by Vangelis with English lyrics by radio DJ and record producer Nico Mastorakis.