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Where does the TV series Endeavour take place?

Endeavour is a British television detective drama series. It is a prequel to the long-running Inspector Morse and, like that series, is set primarily in Oxford. Shaun Evans portrays the young Endeavour Morse beginning his career as a Detective Constable, and later as Detective Sergeant, with the Oxford City Police CID.

Who is Fred Thursday in the TV series Endeavour?

Having averted a disaster at a nuclear power plant along with Thursday, Morse is awarded the George Medal and promoted detective sergeant in the series finale. Fred Thursday is a veteran Detective Inspector and World War II veteran portrayed by Roger Allam.

Who is the wife of Inspector Thursday in Endeavour?

Winifred Thursday, commonly called Win, is Inspector Thursday’s wife and the mother of Joan and Sam Thursday. Win married Fred Thursday in November, 1941 before he was shipped out to Africa. She is played by Caroline O’Neil.

Who was the bag man in the first series of Endeavour?

In the first series, Thursday names Morse his designated “bag man”, much to the chagrin of DS Jakes and to the annoyance of the very procedural CS Bright.

Who is the bag man in Endeavour TV series?

Morse is taken under the wing of Inspector Thursday. Thursday names Morse his designated “bag man” and shows him the ropes as Morse begins to solve a string of complex multiple-murders, much to the envy and annoyance of some of his superiors, particularly Detective Sergeant Jakes and Chief Superintendent Bright.

Who is Selina Berger in the TV series Endeavour?

All the locals, including reclusive clairvoyant Dowsable Chattox, deny seeing Laxton until Selina Berger, sister of a local GP and living in the village with her brother, tells Morse she recalls seeing the missing man’s car near the establishment .

Who was the corrupt policeman in the first episode of Endeavour?

Discussing with Bright the incompetent handling of the Laxman case five years earlier, Thursday refers, with obvious distaste, to his former colleague Detective Sergeant Lott. This was the corrupt policeman played by Danny Webb in the pilot episode of “Endeavour” in 2012, a character forced into premature retirement by the end of the story.