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Where does Rodwell Trail start?

Abbotsbury Road
The trail starts on Abbotsbury Road in Westham, Weymouth and ends at Ferrybridge in Wyke Regis. The latter part of the trail is along the northern side of Portland Harbour, passing the Tudor Sandsfoot Castle.

How long is the Rodwell Trail Weymouth in miles?

Price: Free

Length: 2.85 miles
Surface: Very Smooth
Difficulty: Easy

Can you cycle on the Rodwell Trail?

The Rodwell Trail is a shared use walking and cycling path which now forms part of National Cycle Network Route 26 (Portland to Portishead). It provides a pleasant, traffic free 3.5km walk or bicycle ride from Westham Bridge in the heart of Weymouth’s town centre to Ferry Bridge.

Can you cycle along Chesil Beach?

Near the visitor centre at the Weymouth end of the beach you can pick up the Rodwell Trail. This popular shared cycling and walking trail will take you along a disused railway line to the ruins of Sandsfoot Castle and the lovely Radpole Lakes Nature Reserve.

Can you walk Chesil Beach?

At 18 miles, walking the whole of Chesil Beach would make for a long day out. This walk, which starts at the village of Langton Herring, is a more managable length for a day walk. The route follows the South West Coast path and gives you great views of the famous pebble beach from across the Fleet Lagoon.

Can you cycle the Jurassic Way?

Description. The Jurassic Way is a 89 mi trail that starts in Banbury, England and ends in Stamford CP, England. While the trail itself can’t be cycled, there are nearby alternative routes that can taken instead. The trail is considered to be easy to hike and has a total elevation gain of 4354 ft.

What created Chesil Beach?

Chesil Beach initially formed from predominantly sandy deposits in Lyme Bay as water levels rose rapidly at the end of the last ice age 20,000-14,000 years ago. These deposits were eroded and the sand and gravel driven onshore as a barrier beach.

Why is Chesil Beach Special?

Chesil is one of our most eye-catching landforms, a long curving strip of pebbles 160 metres wide. Connecting the island of Portland to the mainland Dorset coast at Abbotsbury, and extending to West Bay, it separates the sea from the tranquil Fleet Lagoon behind.

Can you cycle at Durdle Door?

Cycling is allowed on Public Bridleways, Byways and roads. There is a comprehensive network of these routes across the Estate, including the coastal Bridleway, which for its incredible views can be joined at Daggers Gate, close to the entrance to Durdle Door Holiday Park.

Can you cycle the Southwest Coast Path?

Is cycling allowed on the South West Coast Path? Generally speaking you’re not allowed to cycle on the most of the South West Coast Path. As nearly all of it uses ‘public footpaths’, therefore is only available to people on foot, and so there is no legal right to ride a bike.

How did the Rodwell Trail get its name?

The trail, opened in 2000, travels along the former route of the Weymouth and Portland Railway and is part of the South West Coast Path. The route follows part of the Jurassic Coast, and Sites of Special Scientific Interest. It is named after a neighbourhood of Weymouth which it passes through.

How long is the Rodwell Trail in Dorset?

The Rodwell Trail is a short-distance footpath that runs from Wyke Regis to the town centre of Weymouth in Dorset – a distance of 3.5 kilometres. The trail, opened in 2000, travels along the former route of the Weymouth and Portland Railway and is part of the South West Coast Path.

How long is Rodwell Trail from Ferrybridge to Weymouth?

The Rodwell Trail is a popular green link used by cyclists and walkers between Weymouth and Ferrybridge following the course of the old Weymouth to Portland Railway with links to the South West Coast Path and the Isle of Portland. Stretching for 3.4 km it is an hour’s

When was the new Rodwell station at Sandsfoot built?

1908, Rodwell station improved with provision of passing loop, new up platform and new signal box. January 1909, severe landslide near Sandsfoot Castle. 7th February 1909, New steel viaduct over Backwater at Weymouth completed.