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Where do you fish for walleye in the winter?

During early winter you should fish for walleye close to shore in 4-8 feet of water. Look for spots that attract many bait fish, since this is where the walleye will also be feeding. Very often these are areas with weeds that provide lots of cover and food for the bait fish.

Is walleye fishing good in the winter?

Walleye on the lakes around home go deep in the wintertime and are tough to catch. Plus, during the coldest winters our lakes freeze just thick enough to prevent getting a boat on the water. Throughout a winter’s day, the fish will range in depth from 20 to 50 feet.

Where is the best walleye fishing in Colorado?

If you want to catch tasty walleye in Colorado you have several lakes to choose from, including Adobe Creek Reservoir, Aurora Reservoir, Bonny Reservoir, Carter Lake, Chatfield Reservoir, Cherry Creek Reservoir, Horsetooth Reservoir, John Martin Reservoir, Lathrop State Park, McPhee Reservoir, North Sterling Reservoir.

What do walleye bite on in the winter?

“During fronts and at other periods throughout winter, walleyes filter into soft-bottom basins to eat bloodworms,” Brosdahl says. “But they also feed on perch, crappies, troutperch, and other species in the vicinity. It’s an interesting bite, and one almost no one taps.”

Where are walleyes in January?

By January, walleye on popular hotspots have been stung hard by anglers, and remaining fish are likely not biting. Look for active fish at the base of dropoffs or cruising along subtle breaks on basin bottoms. They’ll often be at precise depths, in transition areas from sand to mud, or gravel to sand.

Where can I find late winter walleye?

Look for late-ice walleyes to be drawn to wherever creeks or streams enter natural lakes. Even subtle flows like drainage ditches can attract pre-spawn walleyes and adjacent flats in the main lake can be hotspots. On manmade lakes, look for walleyes to head towards the reservoir’s source.

Where are the best places to catch walleye?

The main locations where walleye fish are found include Canada and the United States of America. The name ‘walleye’ was adopted due to the nature of the eyes of this fish which are similar to those of the cat. They shine in darkness and it is for this reason that walleye feed mostly during early hours of the morning and late hours of the night.

Where is the best place to fish in Colorado?

Northwest Colorado also has fantastic trout fishing. Each part of the state has its fair share of waters that are wonderful for anglers. Pagosa Springs boasts that it has some of the best fishing in the entire state. When should I fish in Colorado? Fishing in Colorado is a year round activity. Each season has its perks and downsides, though.

When is the best time to fly fish in Colorado?

Fall is also a particularly great time for fly fishing, when snow melt is lowest and thus when the waters are at their lowest. During the winter months, ice fishing is popular in Colorado. Just check out this list of some of the best lakes for ice fishing in Colorado.

What kind of fish is a walleye fish?

The Walleye fish is a carnivorous type of fish and is very aggressive and fierce especially when in search for food. Some of the food that the walleye prefer includes small fish, insects and warms.