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Where did the Dimarzio Area 58 pickup get its name?

This may the first! The DiMarzio Area pickups take their names from the historical variation seen in Fender single coil pickups from the 1950s and 1960s. The Area 58 (model DP415) is based on the late 50’s stratocaster pickups that were bright and clean.

Which is better area 58 or area 67?

The 58 was a tad too dark/dull for me. You might also like to try an Injector in the neck paired with an Area 67 in the middle. The Injector does nice fat cleans, not your typical strat neck tones. The 67 in the middle is useful on it’s own and adds to the quack in positions 2 and 4.

Which is the brightest DiMarzio treble single coil?

The Area 67 (DP419) is based on the CBS-era late 60’s pickups that were brighter and lower output than even the late 50’s pickups. Looking at DiMarzio’s Treble-Mid-Bass ratings, the Area single coils are three of the brightest pickups that DiMarzio make.

Is the Dimarzio Area 61 a bridge pickup?

These pickups use special covers that are more spacious than a vintage correct cover, so if you want to change the colors, you have to order new DiMarzio brand covers. Given that the Area 61 has the highest inductance, it’s probably a logical bridge pickup.

Which is better area 67 or area 58?

With the Area 58 in the neck position, the Area 67 is my current middle pickup choice. It’s extra brightness helps to keep the bridge/middle position (which for me is a full humbucker bridge) bright and snappier than the Area 58 does.

What kind of pole does a Dimarzio Area t use?

Unfotunately, the Strat versions of the Area T don’t appear to be quite as on the mark as the Area T. DiMarzio claims on their website that all three models feature AlNiCo 2 pole pieces, but the Area 67 I have on hand appears to use AlNiCo 5 pole pieces.