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Where can I watch Coriolanus 2014?

How can I watch National Theatre’s Coriolanus? The play will be streaming on the National Theatre’s official YouTube channel from 7pm BST on Thursday 4th June, and will be available for exactly a week. The performance was filmed live on stage at the Donmar Warehouse, by National Theatre Live, back in 2014.

What is the play Coriolanus based on?

life of Gnaeus Marcius Coriolanus
The five-act play, based on the life of Gnaeus Marcius Coriolanus, a legendary Roman hero of the late 6th and early 5th centuries bce, is essentially an expansion of the Plutarchan biography in Parallel Lives. Though it is Elizabethan in structure, it is markedly Classical in tone.

What play is Tom Hiddleston doing now?

Tom Hiddleston to play Hamlet in play directed by Kenneth Branagh. It has been announced that Tom Hiddleston will play the title role of Hamlet in a production of Shakespeare’s tragedy.

Why are the citizens angry with Coriolanus?

He denies their right to corn supplies. Despite the encouragement of the senators and of his mother, Coriolanus cannot make his peace with the tribunes and the plebeians. He is expelled from Rome in rage and disgust.

Is Coriolanus a good play?

We can say confidently, at least, that Coriolanus is one of his most challenging and least loved of plays. It is liked, but not loved-and in the liking comes a kind of cold awe. It contains no music to enchant us.

Why was Coriolanus banished?

Coriolanus Summary. Roman general Coriolanus makes his name defeating an enemy army and defending Rome. The Senate nominates him as consul but he cannot win the people’s vote, so he is banished from Rome and allies with his old enemy.

What is Snow’s first name?

It’s been revealed that the focus of the Hunger Games prequel, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, will be none other than Coriolanus Snow, aka President Snow, the big bad of the entire series, who was played by Donald Sutherland in the films.