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Where can I fish at Lake Macbride?

Fishing At Lake MacBride Amenities include a fishing jetty and pier, rental boats, a marina, seven boat launch ramps, numerous campgrounds, fish cleaning stations and a dozen miles of shoreline to explore. Lake Macbride State Park has plenty of areas for fishing from the bank, swimming and picnicking.

Is Lake Macbride a no-wake lake?

UISC members from around the world note that because Lake Macbride is a no-wake lake it provides an excellent learning environment. The UISC promotes the sport of sailing by providing boats and sailing instructions and organizing fun sailing related activities.

Where can I fish in Johnson County Iowa?

Lake Macbride
The Iowa DNR ranked Lake Macbride as the best place to fish in Johnson County. Biologists call it the best walleye lake in the area. Anglers can also land trophy muskie too.

What’s the water temperature at Lake Macbride?

Lake Macbride Water temperatures are in the mid 40’s. All boat docks are in. All motor sizes may be used at no-wake speed (5 mph). Black Crappie – Slow: Try fishing jigs or minnows over deeper brush.

Does Lake Macbride cabin?

Lake Macbride State Park also offers guests the opportunity to enjoy some of the best hiking trails in Iowa and biking routes nearby before guests can head back to their private rentals and secluded cabins to enjoy some of the best amenities on the market.

Is Lake Macbride safe to swim in?

Lake Macbride State Park is starting the summer with a warning: Do not swim in the water. Park officials issued the recommendation after detecting higher levels of toxins last week indicating blue-green algae.

Who built the facilities at Lake Macbride?

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) constructed a number of facilities at Lake Macbride in the 1930’s including the beautiful stone shelter and beach building.

How long is an Iowa fishing license good for?

Iowa residents can choose a three-year, one-year, or one of our short-term licenses. Or get an Outdoor Combo so you are ready to fish AND hunt. There are many options to help get you out on the water.

What temp do crappies spawn?

60 degrees
Crappie begins spawning once water temperatures reach above 60 degrees. Usually, this happens right after smallmouth bass and just before the largemouth bass spawning period.

Can you drink at Lake Macbride?

Hard alcohol is prohibited in all Iowa state parks and only beer is allowed on Lake Macbride’s beaches. Beer and wine — no more than 17 percent alcohol — is allowed in the park’s campgrounds, shelters and lodges.

What is the clearest lake in Iowa?

Clear Lake (Iowa)

Clear Lake
Location Cerro Gordo County, Iowa
Coordinates 43°07′32″N 93°25′29″WCoordinates: 43°07′32″N 93°25′29″W
Basin countries United States
Surface area 3,684 acres (15 km2)