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Where can I find more information about Shambhala?

Shambhala Times: Read Shambhala’s community magazine for news and views, including the arts, families, celebrations, social commentaries and more. Kalapa Media: Find Shambhala vision, teachings, and culture in books, recordings, films, and many more Shambhala items available for sale online. Shambhala is a global community.

How old is the Bharmour fountain in Chamba?

The fountain stone slabs of Bharmour found at the Chamba Museum date back to 600 AD, implying that the small town of Bharmour, just a few hours from the city of Chamba, has cradled civilisation for over 1,400 years.

Why is Bharmour called the land of Lord Shiva?

Flanked by the Ravi and Chenab valley and tucked in between the Dhauladhar mountain ranges and Pir Panjal, Bharmour is devoid of the frequent commercial crowds and it reverberates with tranquility, peace and calm. It is also sometimes called the “Land of Lord Shiva” as it is believed that Lord Shiva resided at the Kailash Parvat nearby.

Which is the best place to visit in Bharmour?

Rooted in myth, religion and royalty, Bharmour is a manifestation of a golden era of architectural and cultural glory which you can witness first-hand at the mammoth Chaurasi Temple complex, a network of 84 shrines. Journey from Chamba to Bharmour. (c) Munish Chandel

Where are Shambhala and Shambala music festivals located?

Shambhala and Shambala are the names of music festivals in Canada and England respectively. Though both are music festivals they also have strong elements of spirituality and anticapitalism.

How many positive actions can be done with no Shambala Festival?

25kx25: 25,000 Positive Actions by 2025. In 2020, with no Shambala festival, we’ve been busy developing an ambitious five-year vision that includes environmental action, social justice and inclusivity, which we … Read more 25kx25: 25,000 Positive Actions by 2025. Hi folks, Allow us to interrupt normal festival chat for a moment.

What was the meaning of the prophecy of Shambhala?

The Prophecy of Shambhala. The concept of Shambhala plays an important role in Tibetan religious teachings, and has particular relevance in Tibetan mythology about the future. The Kalachakra prophesies the gradual deterioration of mankind as the ideology of materialism spreads over the earth.