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Where can I buy the best potions in Maplestory?

You have monsters that do about 2-6k damage to your character, and the best current potion you can buy in the merchant shop is reindeer milk, which only heals 5000HP.

Where can I buy HP potion in Maplestory?

Cash Shop.

  • Shop.
  • How do you make health potion 1000 in Maplestory?

    Health Potion (1000) Recipe

    1. Basic Empty Bottle x 50.
    2. Marjoram Seed Oil x 3.

    How do I get to the NLC?

    How to get there: Journey to Kerning City’s subway station and speak to the NLC Subway Staff, Bell, to purchase a Subway Ticket. After purchasing a ticket, Maplers have to pass through the ticket gate by double-clicking on it. Maplers can return back to Kerning City via the subway as well.

    What is NLC Maplestory?

    new leaf city, which is a play of old sappe village which is the past version of nlc in the new masteria content (old->new sappe->leaf village->city)

    How do you get to the Ninja Castle?

    Ninja Castle is an area in Zipangu based on Japan’s Edo period. It is accessible via the NPC Perry in Mushroom Shrine.

    What is NLC in Maplestory?

    Where is Masteria Maplestory?

    Masteria is a World Tour region based on many areas of the world. The three towns on the continent are New Leaf City, built on the remnants of Olde Sapp Village, Haunted House, also known as the Prendergast Mansion (which was closed down as of March 2016), and Crimsonwood, the newest area to be released.

    What does NLC mean?


    Acronym Definition
    NLC National Lending Corporation
    NLC National Labour Commission (Ghana)
    NLC National Law Center for Children and Families
    NLC National Liberal Club

    How do you get to Ninja Castle Maplestory?