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Where are all the transmitters in Bully Scholarship Edition?

#1-On top of the auto shop. #2-In the furnace room of the school basement. #3-On the dam between Old Bullworth Vale and Bullworth Town. #4-In the alley in Bullworth Town where Edna sends you to get the sedatives.

Where is the last transistor in Bully?

Locationsedit Two transistors are available in Chapter 1 as part of missions. Two more can be found once you progress to Chapter 2 (when you get access to Bullworth Town); and the last two aren’t accessible until Chapter 3. Chapter 1: Roof of the Auto Shop (you already did this one in ‘A Little Help’).

How many GB is Bully Scholarship Edition?

Storage: 4.7 GB free space..

What engine does Bully Scholarship Edition use?

The Scholarship Edition includes a two-player competitive multiplayer mode that lets two players compete for the highest score in different classes….Bully (video game)

Engine RenderWare Gamebryo
Platform(s) PlayStation 2 Wii Xbox 360 Microsoft Windows Android iOS
Release show 17 October 2006
Genre(s) Action-adventure

What do you get if you collect all the rubber bands in Bully?

Collecting the 75 Rubber Bands scattered throughout the game world will unlock an additional weapon for Jimmy’s inventory: the Rubber Band Ball. When you pass Geography class #2 in Scholarship Edition, you unlock all the locations on your map.

Are GTA and bully in the same universe?

It has been proven that Bully exists in the same fictional universe as both the GTA and Manhunt series.

Where is the tattoo shop in Bully?

Blue Skies Industrial Park
Tattoos are a visual accessory the player can purchase for Jimmy. Tattoos can be purchased from a trailer in Blue Skies Industrial Park, meaning that Jimmy can’t get a tattoo until Chapter 5.