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When did USA Cheer and dance nationals start?

USA Nationals began in 1986, bringing together competitors across cheerleading, song/pom, mascot, dance and pep flag. Over the past 30+ years USA Nationals has grown to include USA Spirit Nationals, USA Dance Nationals and USA Jr. Nationals.

Who is the world leader in cheerleading and dance?

The innovative global leader in cheerleading and dance fashion, VSF is your destination for customized uniforms, shoes and apparel built for the new generation of spirit leaders. A rich heritage in cheerleading, coupled with expert designers, high performance fabrics and head-turning details, are a winning combination for All Star.

Is the Varsity All Star virtual competition series?

Please try again later. The Varsity All Star Virtual Competition Series presented by Varsity Footwear allows your program to start your season from home, while still getting the chance to earn bids to our End-Of-Season Championships! Register today to secure your #VirtualVictory!

When did the USA Spirit national championships start?

This year, all three national events are going VIRTUAL allowing teams take the USA Nationals stage from anywhere! USA Spirit Nationals began in 1986, bringing together competitors from the cheerleading, song/pom, mascot, and pep flag activities. This year, USA Spirit Nationals is going VIRTUAL allowing teams to compete from anywhere!

How does USA cheer help the United States?

USA Cheer works with member organizations to promote the three disciplines of cheerleading: traditional school cheer, club/all star cheer, and the growing sport of STUNT. USA Cheer’s member organizations promote safety and provide educational services to benefit cheerleaders and coaches throughout the United States.

Where does the USA All Star Championships take place?

The USA All Star Championships prides itself on being the signature all star event on the West Coast and the gateway to end of season events offering more bids to than any other event west of Texas!