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When did the Nike waffle ones come out?

In 1971 Nike cofounder Bill Bowerman was watching his wife, Barbra, make breakfast on a waffle iron and inspiration struck. He swapped rubber for batter and the Waffle outsole was born. It not only delivers traction, durability and heritage Nike style—it proves that greatness is in the everyday.

Who created the Nike waffle Racer?

Bill Bowerman’s
Today we’re talking about Bill Bowerman’s innovation from the 70s: the Nike Waffle Racer.

Why are Nike waffles called waffles?

Dubbed as ‘the Nike Waffle Racing Flat “Moon Shoe”’ after the footprint left by the sole that was similar to those left by astronauts on the moon, only 12 pairs of shoes were made with this innovative tread pattern and were handed out to runners at the 1972 Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon.

Did Nike start with a waffle iron?

He took measurements of my feet and started building the shoe, and in about a week he had the shoes ready for me.” Manufactured in the early 1970s, they were modified in 1974 to add the “waffle iron,” a key innovation in Nike’s history. Bowerman invented the design after he was inspired by his wife’s waffle iron.

What were the first Nike shoes?

In 1972, the first line of Nike footwear is introduced, including the so-called “Moon Shoes” and the Nike “Cortez”, that became the company’s most popular product.

What are waffles shoes?

Spikeless Shoes have a lugged rubber sole and are often referred to as waffles. They look and feel like spikes. These are ideal for Cross country races and also Little Athletic events where spikes aren’t allowed.

What is a waffle shoe?

Why did Bill Bowerman make Nike shoes?

Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman. Nike Nike’s first pair of running shoes was inspired by waffles. Oregon’s Hayward Field, where he worked, was transitioning to an artificial surface and “Bill wanted a sole without spikes that could grip equally well on grass or bark dust.”

Why did Bill Bowerman start Nike?

But the elevation of athletic shoe manufacturing to both a science and a fashion was largely due to Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman of Oregon. They formed a company in 1964 to market a lighter and more comfortable shoe designed by Bowerman. In 1968, this company became NIKE, Inc. – named for the Greek goddess of Victory.

How did Bowerman create the waffle shoe?

The bizarre inspiration behind Nike’s first pair of running shoes. Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman was having breakfast with his wife one morning in 1971 when it dawned on him that the grooves in the waffle iron she was using would be an excellent mold for a running shoe, The Atlantic reports.

When did the Nike Waffle racing flat come out?

While aged and brown, the 1972 Nike Waffle Racing Flat “Moon Shoe” is almost a mythical part of sneaker history. The shoes were made by Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman, who used his wife’s waffle iron to create a new kind of running shoe with a waffle-patterned sole to help runners improve speed.

When did the Nike Waffle Trainers come out?

Bowerman received his shoe patent number 3,793,750 on February 26, 1974 and Nike began producing the “waffle” trainers the same year. This example is a Nike LDV (Long Distance Vector ) shoe in blue suede and nylon mesh fabric upper with the orange Nike “Swoosh” on left and right sides of the shoe.

Where is the fossilized waffle iron at Nike?

The fossilized waffle iron was serendipitously discovered by the wife of Bill’s son, Jon Bowerman, along with shoe treads that were handmade by Bill. Nike’s Holy Grail had been reclaimed, and now sits on display at the company’s headquarters in Beaverton.

How did the Oregon Waffle Trainer get its name?

The origins of the Oregon Waffle, afterwards named the Waffle Trainer, derive from Bowerman’s experiments with a simple waffle iron, the grooves of which proved to be a near perfect mold for a running shoe. Now protected under United States patent #3,793,750, Bill’s idea was essentially a track spike without the spikes.