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When did Navy Pier Chicago Open?

Opened to the public in 1916, originally named “Municipal Pier”. The build was overseen by architect Charles Sumner Frost and based on Daniel Burnham’s “Master Plan of Chicago.” The purpose of the Pier was to be a shipping and recreation facility.

What was Navy Pier originally for?

shipping and recreational purposes
Navy Pier has enjoyed a remarkable evolution. Originally designed for shipping and recreational purposes, the facility has evolved into a premiere entertainment and exposition center.

When was Navy Pier developed?

July 15, 1916
Navy Pier opened to the public on July 15, 1916. Originally known as the “Municipal Pier”, the pier was built by Charles Sumner Frost, a nationally known architect, with a design based on the 1909 Plan of Chicago by Daniel Burnham and Edward H.

Who built Navy Pier in Chicago?

Architect Charles Sumner Frost
Architect Charles Sumner Frost was hired to design the first pier, later known as Navy Pier, a few years after Burnham’s death. When it opened in 1916, it consisted of two-story freight and passenger sheds, bookended by a classically designed head house and a large, elegant ballroom.

How long is Navy Pier Chicago?

3,300 feet
Boasting a length of 3,300 feet, Navy Pier was the world’s largest pier when its construction finished on July 15, 1916.

Why does Chicago have a Navy Pier?

Navy Pier Chicago served as a temporary home for military personnel during the two world wars. Known as Municipal Pier at the time, it was renamed Navy Pier in 1927 to honor the Navy veterans of the first world war. When the second world war emerged in the 1940s, Navy Pier went back to being a military station.

Is Navy Pier open in January?

Hours & Admission Navy Pier is open year-round* and general operating hours and admission vary depending on the seasons and may be subject to change.

Why is Navy Pier so famous?

Navy Pier’s Diverse Past Numbering already more than a century of constant use, the Navy Pier has served the city of Chicago in numerous and quite different ways. It has been a recreation and entertainment venue, a university, a naval base, an army base, a convention centre, as well as a food storage facility.

Can dogs visit Navy Pier?

Pets on Lakefront Trail and Navy Pier Pets on leash are welcome on the entire Lakefront Trail and at the outdoor areas at Navy Pier, including the south promenade, park, and some of the restaurant patios (just ask first). Shoreline Sightseeing boat tours and water taxi also welcome pets aboard their cruises.

When did the Navy Pier open in Chicago?

It is one of the most visited attractions in the entire Midwest and is Chicago’s second-most visited tourist attraction. Navy Pier opened to the public on July 15, 1916.

Who was the architect of the Navy Pier?

Navy Pier opened to the public on July 15, 1916. Originally named “Municipal Pier,” the pier was built by Charles Sumner Frost, a nationally-known architect, with a design based on the Plan of Chicago (1909) by Daniel Burnham and Edward H. Bennett.

What was the cost of the Navy Pier?

Navy Pier was built atop 20,000 logs. Completed in 1916 at a cost of $4.5 million, Municipal Pier was constructed atop 20,000 timber logs imported from Oregon. When the pier opened in 1916, it was called Municipal Pier. It was meant to provide a place for public recreation and to serve as a shipping hub for both cargo and passenger ships.

How big is the Navy Pier in Michigan?

At a cost of $5 million, the 292-foot-wide Pier, ‘built by the city for the people,’ is the largest in the world, projecting east 3,040 feet into Lake Michigan. It remains the longest public pier in the world today.