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When can I wash my hair after Lasio keratin treatment?

Lasio Keratin Treatments take about 2 hours. You can wash your hair the same day, or anytime within 24 hours of receiving your treatment. You can color your hair the same day as your treatment.

Does Lasio straighten hair?

All with the same three-step system, you can achieve a pin-straight look, you can straighten the hair while still retaining body, or you can remove frizz, redefining a curl entirely.

Does the keratin treatment change your curl pattern?

One of the biggest keratin concerns is that, like straightening perms, the treatment could permanently alter your curl pattern. The reality is, you can’t bank on having chemically-straightened hair and a perfect curl pattern. “If you want less frizz, you’ll have less curl,” Saviano tells us.

Does Lasio keratin have formaldehyde?

LONGEVITY – Lasio Keratin Tropic lasts up to 3 months contains 0% formaldehyde and reduces curls up to 60%….

Brand Lasio
Scent Coconut
Hair Type Curly, Fine
Liquid Volume 470 Milliliters
Product Benefits Frizz Control

How much formaldehyde is in Lasio keratin?

Our trusted family stylist, Dana, used a keratin brand called Lasio. Their One Day Treatment, which is the kind she uses, contained . 02% formaldehyde, which was well below FDA/OSHA safety levels.

Is a keratin treatment better than a relaxer?

“The main difference between a keratin treatment and a relaxer is how long they straighten the hair,” explains Cooper. “A keratin treatment temporarily loosens your curl pattern, and fades out over time. Your hair texture will eventually return to its natural state. With a relaxer, that is not the case at all.

Does Lasio keratin contain formaldehyde?

What are the side effects of a keratin treatment?

Side Effects of Keratin Treatment Does not offer Poker Straight Hair. Keratin treatment works by changing the hair structure. Heat Damage. During keratin treatment, a flat iron is used for straightening hair strands. Skin and Eye Irritation. Health Risk. Not Suitable for Certain Skin Conditions. Wait Several Days to Wash Hair after Keratin Treatment. Temporary Lasting Result.

Is the keratin hair treatment worth it?

A: A Keratin treatment is well worth the investment. It will not damage your hair, as it can actually help with the health in most cases. You will however notice that for the first few weeks your hair is VERY straight and VERY flat.

Is there a safe keratin treatment?

And yes, keratin treatments are safe; you just need to find a salon with stylists trained and certified offering an FDA approved the product. One of the biggest benefits is that keratin hair treatments are suitable for all types of hair.

How long between hair color and keratin treatment?

You need to wait two-three weeks before you do any other chemical treatments including coloring. For best results always do the coloring before Keratin treatment. After treatment the Keratin coat your hair like a thin layer of film and colorants might not penetrate the hair they way it should. Either wait three weeks or do it before.