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What will happen to Aqw in 2020?

What will happen to Aqw in 2020? The game launcher ensures that AQWorlds will continue to work, even after browsers stop supporting Flash Player in December 2020. If you are using the Artix game launcher, you can continue to play AQW as normal.

Do Aqw accounts get deleted?

Usually there is no need to delete an account, but we understand that sometimes a player wants to. However, once an account is deleted, it is gone forever!

Is Botting illegal in Aqw?

Many players don’t know that botting is not allowed. It absolutely is NOT allowed! It hurts the game and other players. We want all our players to enjoy AQW the way it is meant to be.

What will happen to AQW flash?

ATTENTION PLAYERS: As Flash will no longer be supported on browsers after the end of 2020, please download the Artix Games Launcher to continue your adventure! We have future proofed all of our Flash games so they can be played without using a browser.

How many players are on AQW?

How Many People Play AdventureQuest Worlds? We estimate that 72,711 people play per day, with a total player base of 1,275,632.

Does Aqworlds delete inactive accounts?

Free accounts that are a low level and inactive for a very long time may be deleted or the name may be purged so another player can use the name. To prevent this, we suggest logging into the account regularly, confirming your email, or you can purchase an upgrade to make sure you keep your account and account name.

How do I get my account back in Aqw?

To retrieve your game account information, and reset your password: Go to the Forgot Password page on the AQW game Account Manage site, and enter the Contact email address for your AQW game account.

Are auto clickers allowed on Aqw?

I was just wandering is auto clicking legal in AQW? No; according to the ToS, you are not allowed to use any “third-party software designed to modify the experience of Artix games”.

Where to find arcangrove in 7th Lord of Chaos?

Observing the Observatory: Find the Arcangrove Info by searching the tower. Ewa the Treekeeper: Got to Cloister (/join cloister) and speak to Ewa. The Cloister (/join cloister) Must have completed previous quest area. Talk to the druid, Ewa, for quests.

How to unlock gates and guardians in 7th Lord of Chaos?

Gates and Guardians: You will need to click the gems in a certain order to unlock the gate. After that’s complete fight the Tiger Leech for Rod of Defiance. Water You Waiting For: Go to Natatorium to complete the quest. Natatorium (/join natatorium) Must have completed previous quest area. Mercenaries: Get 15 Rescued Merfork from the Merdraconian.

Who is the ninth lord of chaos in AdventureQuest Worlds?

Krellenos – The ninth Lord of Chaos. Krellenos is a Troll Prophet chosen by Xing and Xang to be Drakath’s ninth Lord of Chaos. He later Chaorrupted the Arashite Ore of the ancient temple using a Serpentress to do so which transformed the Serpentress into the Naga Baas (formerly the Gruaige Baas), the eighth Chaos Beast.

Who is the First Lord of the chaos?

Escherion – The first Lord of Chaos. Escherion is a battlemage who attacked Chiral Valley with an army of Fire Imps, Chaos Sp-Eys, Cyclops Raiders, Chainsaw Sneevils, and Gargoyles. His henchmen are Slugfit, Cyclops Warlord, and Head Gargoyle. He used the Runix Cube to free the Lake Hydra, the first Chaos Beast.