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What was the seal of Prophet made of?

Muhammad had a seal made of silver, with the words Muḥammad rasūl Allāh or “Muhammad the Apostle of God.” The three words, on three lines, were on the ring, and Muhammad ordered that no duplicate was to be made. After his death, the ring came down to Uthman, who accidentally dropped the ring into the well of Aris.

How old was Aisha when the Prophet married her?

IT is said that Hazrat Aisha was six years old when her nikah was performed with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Makkah, and nine years old when she moved in to live with her husband in Madina after Hijra.

Did the Prophet wear a ring?

Narrated Abdullah ibn Umar: The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) used to wear the signet-ring on his left hand, and put its stone next the palm of his hand.

What Colour was Prophet Muhammad’s ring?

In brief we understand from Hadiths that Prophet Muhammad Ring was silver. How is Prophet Muhammad Ring Shape? As we know Prophet Muhammad has a silver ring and on the ring writing محمد يا رسول الله means Mohammed Rasul Allah (Mohammed messenger of God).

What was the name of Prophet Muhammad’s grandfather?

Shaybah ibn Hashimvia Abdullah ibn Abd al-Muttalib
Wahb ibn Abd Manafvia Aminah bint Wahb

Is the al ifk incident a historical event?

They will even completely deny the incident of al-Ifk, which is a known historical event recorded in the preserved annals of history and is even in the authentic Shia books.

Is the story of al ifk narrated in Sunni or Shia?

The incident of al-Ifk is narrated in both Sunni and Shia Tafseer; the incident is also narrated on the popular Shia website, We shall first re-tell the story of al-Ifk and then later shall we authenticate it with Shia Tafseer from

Why was the lie against ʿa’isha called al-ifk?

It relates to the slander against ʿĀ’isha by consensus of the Muslims and hence Allāh called it ‘ al-ifk ’ as she was in reality far removed from such and the complete opposite. In fact the use of the preposition, ‘al’, emphasises that not only was this a grievous lie but it is ‘ the’ grievous lie after which there are no comparable lies.

How is the IFK incident presented in the surah?

The way the incident of Ifk itself is presented in the surah is a source of profound wisdom about the responsibility we owe each other when it comes to preserving the dignity of a Muslim. The incident led to both a domestic crisis within the household of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and a larger crisis that affected the Ummah of Muslims at the time.