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What size tires go on a camper trailer?

8 – 9 – 10 – 12 – Inch Trailer Tire Sizing

Older Size Tire Size Load Range
16.5 x 6.5 – 8 165/65-8 C: 800 lbs at 70 psi
18.5 x 8.5 – 8 215/60-8 C: 935 lbs at 50 psi D: 1,165 lbs at 70 psi
6.90/6.00-9 C: 1298 lbs at 60 psi
205/50-10 B: 665 lbs at 30 psi

What does ST205 75R15 mean?

It means the section height of the tire is 75% of the 205 mm section width. The 15 is the wheel diameter in inches and the C after the tire size will designate the load range. The load range C is a 6-ply rated tire. The maximum load rating on the load range C tire in the ST205/75D15 size is 1,820 lbs at 50 psi.

What is the most common trailer tire size?

For example, a common trailer tire size is ST225/75R15. ST stands for special trailer and indicates that this tire is designed to be used on a trailer. 225 is the width of the tread in millimeters. 75 is the height of the sidewall represented as a percentage of the tread width.

Can I put truck tires on my camper?

A blowout not only causes a handling hazard, it can damage a trailer as the shredded tire carcass whips against bodywork. Never use passenger tires on a trailer. They are usually rated Load Range B, a 4-ply equivalent, because their sidewalls are flexible for a smooth ride—far too flexible for trailer duty.

Which is the best brand of trailer tires?

Carlisle: Headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, this tire manufacturer strives to offer tires that are, “best-in-class quality, cutting-edge technology and product performance” In this regard, this brand doesn’t fail with its trailer tire products.

Where can I get discounts on trailer tires? offers discount pricing and fast shipping on over 500 in-stock models of trailer tires & rims to the United States & Canada. TRAILER TIRES .COM, The Trailer Tire Superstore! Proper wheel selection is a very important component of your trailer gear system.

What are the problems with bias trailer tires?

1 Poor transport handling, since low lateral stiffness causes the tire sway to increase as the speed of the vehicle increases. 2 If overload or underinflated, these tires are more susceptible to creating an issue. 3 Often, more expensive than bias trailer tires. 4 These tires tend to have problems with rough roads.

Can A P tire be used on a trailer?

The use of ‘Passenger Car’ (P) tires a on a trailer is not recommended because their construction, usually radial or bias belted, allows for more flexible side walls. This could lead to increased trailer sway and loss of control. Tire ‘inflation pressure’ is also an important factor in proper handling as well as tire life.