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What size motor do I need for a 14 foot aluminum boat?

For lighter boats, a motor that produces 8-10 horsepower can get the job done quite easily. But if you’ve got a heavier boat, a 20-horsepower motor will get most any tinnie moving quickly.

How much is a 14ft aluminum fishing boat worth?

Most 14ft jon boats cost between $850-1,200. which is similar to the 12ft models. More expensive packages may also be available and will include trailer, engine and sometimes basic safety equipment.

How much does a 14 foot aluminum boat and trailer weigh?

14 Foot Jon Boat Weight: Average weight of 275 pounds (125kg) which is based on an average hull weight of 160 pounds (73kg) and average 15hp engine weight of 115 pounds (52kg).

How much does a 14 foot aluminum boat weight?

14-foot aluminum Jon boats have an average dry hull weight of 167 pounds or 76 kg.

How wide is a 14 foot aluminum boat?

How wide is a 14-foot Jon boat? Around 57 to 70 inches on average. This size takes the leap by allowing you to take two more people along with you.

How much is a 14ft jon boat worth?

13 ft – 14 ft Jon boats will typically cost between $1500 and $2,250. 15+ ft Jon boats can cost from $2,500 to $3,250.

How much does an aluminum boat cost?

Price for 10 Popular Aluminum Boats

Aluminum Multi-Species Boat Base Cost (boat, trailer and motor)
Alumacraft Classic 165 CS $17,299
Alumacraft Voyageur 175 Sport $23,399
Crestliner 1750 Super Hawk $34,271
Crestliner 1750 Fish Hawk $29,251

Does dry weight include motor?

Dry weight is just what it says, no fluids or engines.

How big of a motor can you put on a 14ft boat?

Typical horsepower for a 14-foot jon boat would be between 15 HP and 20 HP although up to 25 HP is not uncommon either. 20 HP can comfortably give you a top speed of 20mph, potentially even stretching to 25mph depending on weather conditions and the weight on the boat.

How big is a 14 foot aluminum boat?

14 foot Aluminum boat made by Lund has no patches doesn’t leak is 55 inches wide comes with 15 hp Yamaha 2 Stroke outboard short shaft comes with a good trailer will need lights and wiring has trailer jack will have to be registered as home made if ad up it’s available no low ballers please . 14 Foot Lund Aluminum Boat for sale!

Can a 13 year old drive a 14’boat?

Since the 14′ is the boat most children grow up with, who is using it is a consideration. It’s good to have something you can just turn a 13 year old loose in (when they are big enough to pull start it, they are big enough to drive.) Re: What horsepower motor to use on light weight 14′ aluminum boat?

Can a 9.9 envinrude trailer tow a boat?

The trailer also has a custom made transom / motor support . The 9.9 Envinrude runs great and has been expertly maintained over the years. This boat tows easily down the highway and can be put in the water by one person. Did I mention the brand new boat cover, still in the box?

What kind of motor does a venture trailer have?

Includes 2019 Venture Trailer (Model VB-1000) Trailer bought new and registration can be easily transferred Includes very low mileage Mercury 20 HP motor Motor was bought new in 1995. Stored many years due to a death in the family. Boat stored many years as well. Includes Marine battery bought new in 2019 Electric start!