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What shops are at Albert Dock?

  • Lost Soles. Fashion.
  • Harbour Accessories. Accessories.
  • Pride of Liverpool. Souvenirs.
  • Liverpool Pictures. Gallery Shop.
  • Nature’s Treasure. Jewellery & Gifts.
  • Roly’s Fudge. Confectionery.
  • The Nest. Shop.
  • Merseyside Maritime Museum. Gift Shop.

Why did Albert Dock close?

In the aftermath of the war, the financial problems of the owners and the general decline of docking in the city meant that the future of the Albert Dock was uncertain. Numerous plans were developed for the re-use of the buildings but none came to fruition and in 1972 the dock was finally closed.

What restaurants are on the Albert Dock?

A taste of Liverpool’s best restaurants and bars….

  • Lerpwl. British Restaurant.
  • Madre. Mexican taqueria.
  • Maray. Eclectic and seasonal food.
  • Revolucion de Cuba. Cuban Bar and Cantina.
  • Rosa’s Thai Cafe. Thai Restaurant.
  • Lunyalita. Catalonian Deli, Restaurant & Bar.
  • Gusto. Italian Restaurant.
  • The Smugglers Cove. Themed Pub.

When did Albert Dock close?

1971: Albert Dock was last used at this time. In its last years it was only used by small coastal craft and sailing barges. In 1973 the whole South Dock system was finally abandoned because a collision at the Brunswick entrance prevented the river gates from closing and made the system tidal.

How deep is the Albert Dock?

All dock/bridge passages are approximately 13 metres wide, therefore any craft should realistically be a maximum of 6 metres wide. All docks have at least 3.00m water depth (some are deeper).

When did the Albert Dock become Royal?

1988 Royal Recognition HRH the Prince of Wales comes to Liverpool to reopen the fully-refurbished Dock, as Tate Liverpool opens.

Is there a Selfridges in Liverpool?

Despite rumours, there have never been plans to open a Selfridges in Liverpool city centre either. The ECHO approached the designer retailer to ask the reason for this and why no future plans are in place.

Can you go out for a meal in Liverpool?

Restaurants across the Liverpool City Region are allowed to stay open, Boris Johnson has confirmed today. As expected, this means pubs, gyms and bars must close but restaurants are allowed to remain open.