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What replaced the Toyota Carina?

It was replaced in Japan by the Toyota Allion in 2001 and succeeded in Europe by the Toyota Avensis. The inspiration for the name Carina came from the constellation Carina, sharing a naming inspiration from the Celica, which is ultimately derived from the Latin word coelica meaning “heavenly” or “celestial”.

Was the Toyota Corona sold in the US?

The Toyota Corona first hit the market way back in 1957 and lasted until 2002, depending on the market. In the US, it initially arrived in 1960 to be sold alongside the Toyota Land Cruiser. The new design, especially the two-door, looked great and it sold quite well in the US.

Is Toyota Carina a good car?

Reliable Driving Experience “Dependable” is the word that best describes Carina units. This range has never been popular among driving enthusiasts. On the other hand, if you are looking for a well-equipped and reliable family vehicle, a Toyota Carina is definitely the car for you.

Is the Toyota Corona still made?

The word “corona” is Latin for “crown”, a reference to an earlier vehicle Toyota offered called the Toyota Crown….

Toyota Corona
Production July 1957 – December 2001
Body and chassis
Class Compact car
Layout Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive (1957–1987) Front-engine, front-wheel-drive (1983–2001)

Is the Toyota Carina E RWD?

Spec Summary This generation of the Toyota Carina E was produced by the Japanese manufacturer Toyota between 1992 – 1998. It’s a front engined front-wheel drive car and came as a Hatchback, Saloon or Estate.

What year is Toyota Carina E?

Toyota Carina E Hatchback. Strong car. This generation of Toyota Carina E has been produced from April, 1992 to April, 1996.

Is there any car called Corona?

The word “Corona” is a Latin word for Crown, and the company made the Corona as a smaller edition of the Crown design available to customers. Many countries received the Toyota Corona as the first sedan model introduced into their markets by the Toyopet Store which is currently Toyota Store.

Which Camrys are made in Japan?

Toyota Camry
Manufacturer Toyota
Also called Daihatsu Altis (Japan, 2000–present) Toyota Vista (Japan, 1982–1998) Toyota Scepter (Japan, 1992–1996) Toyota Vienta (Australia, 1995–2000) Toyota Aurion (Australia, 2006–2017) Holden Apollo (Australia, 1989–1996)
Production March 1982 – present
Body and chassis

What kind of car was the Toyota Carina?

Toyota utilised the A40/A50 series Carina as the basis for the Celica Camry, a four-door sedan launched in Japan during January 1980, and sold at Toyota Corolla Shop dealerships. Positioned as the sedan counterpart to the Toyota Celica (A40 and A50) two-door coupe and three-door liftback, the Celica Camry shared few components with this model.

Who is the actor in the Toyota Carina commercial?

Japanese actor Sonny Chiba was the spokesman for the Carina in Japanese commercials for several decades. An estate car model was introduced to export markets for the first time, with the same heavy-duty leaf-spring rear suspension that had been seen on the late appearing first generation Carina Van, as it was intended for commercial use in Japan.

When did the Toyota Carina 1600GT come out?

In 1971, the Carina 1600GT was introduced as an alternative to the Corona-based Toyota 1600 GT, using a 2T-G type 1600 DOHC engine shared with the Celica GT. The Corona GT was exclusive to Toyopet Store locations, while the Carina 1600GT was exclusive to Toyota Store locations, and the Celica GT was exclusive to Toyota Corolla Store locations.

When did the Toyota Celica Camry come out?

Toyota utilised the A40/A50 series Carina as the basis for the Celica Camry, a four-door sports sedan launched in Japan during January 1980, and sold at Toyota Corolla Store dealerships, remaining a companion to the Carina which was exclusive to Toyota Store locations.