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What Mental Illness Did Madame Bovary have?

The Madame Bovary Syndrome is a phenomenon that occurs among different female protagonists of the nineteenth century. Based on Gustave Flaubert’s novel Madame Bovary, this syndrome was defined by French philosopher Jules De Gaultier to describe chronic affective dissatisfaction with one’s life.

Who is Athalie in Madame Bovary?


Character Description
Hivert Hivert drives a coach at Yonville.
Athalie Homais Athalie Homais is a child of Monsieur and Madame Homais.
Irma Homais Irma Homais is a child of Monsieur and Madame Homais.
Madame Homais Madame Homais is the wife of the apothecary Monsieur Homais.

What is Bovary syndrome?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bovarysme is a term derived from Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary (1857). It denotes a tendency towards escapist daydreaming in which the dreamer imagines himself or herself to be a hero or heroine in a romance, whilst ignoring the everyday realities of the situation.

Why is Madame Bovary unhappy?

When she was not with Rodolphe, Emma suffered from boredom and was irritated by all of Charles’ mannerisms and acts. She began to feel sorry for herself because of her unhappy marriage and found some solace in catering to her material desires.

Why is Madame Bovary a classic?

In its portrayal of bourgeois mentalities, especially its examination of every psychological nuance of its title character, Madame Bovary came to be seen as both the principal masterpiece of realism and the work that established the realist movement on the European scene.

Who is Emma’s first lover?

Rodolphe Boulanger
Rodolphe Boulanger Emma’s first lover, a wealthy landowner with an estate near Yonville. Rodolphe is shrewd, selfish, and manipulative.

What is the definition of the word Bovary?

Bovarism, “an exaggerated, especially glamorized, estimation of oneself,” also spelled bovarysm and bovarysme (capitalized and uncapitalized), is a borrowing from French bovarysme, a derivative of the family name Bovary, the married surname of Emma Bovary, née Rouault, the eponymous protagonist of Gustave Flaubert’s …

What happens at the end of Madame Bovary?

The novel ends tragically for most central characters, but Homais is flourishing: he receives the Legion of Honour. The Madame Bovary quotes below are all either spoken by Monsieur Homais or refer to Monsieur Homais.

Who is the pharmacist in Madame Bovary?

Yonville’s pharmacist, an ambitious, deceitful, sugar-tongued man who befriends the Bovarys when they’re new to town. Homais loves talking about rationality and progress, and he loves berating priests and religion.

What kind of character is Monsieur Homais in Madame Bovary?

He treats people well when it benefits him, but he does not hesitate to treat people cruelly. He plays a principal part in promotion the operation that cripples Hippolyte, and shows no hint of remorse or pity. The novel ends tragically for most central characters, but Homais is flourishing: he receives the Legion of Honour.