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What makes up a block diagram of a computer?

What is Basic Block Diagram of Computer System 1 Input Devices of Computer System. 2 Output Devices of Computer Systems. 3 Central Processing Unit (CPU) of Computer System. 4 Control Unit. 5 Arithmetic and Logic Unit. 6 Storage Unit of Computer. 7 Cache Memory of Computer System.

How to calculate the transfer function of a block diagram?

Note − Follow these steps in order to calculate the transfer function of the block diagram having multiple inputs. Step 1 − Find the transfer function of block diagram by considering one input at a time and make the remaining inputs as zero. Step 2 − Repeat step 1 for remaining inputs.

How to reduce the size of a block diagram?

Block Diagram Reduction Rules Follow these rules for simplifying (reducing) the block diagram, which is having many blocks, summing points and take-off points. Rule 1 − Check for the blocks connected in series and simplify. Rule 2 − Check for the blocks connected in parallel and simplify.

How are the instructions presented to the computer?

The set of instructions is presented to the computer in the form of raw data which is entered through input devices such as keyboard or mouse. Later this set of instructions is processed with the help of the CPU [Central Processing Unit ], and the computer system produces an output with the help of output devices like printers and monitors.

Is there a way to save a block diagram?

To format an existing shape, you can use the tools present in the right pane of the interface. After you have completed drawing a block diagram, click the Save ( Floppy) icon from the quick access toolbar present at the top-left corner of the interface.

How to create a block diagram on edrawmax?

Start Wondershare EdrawMax on your computer, ensure that New is selected in the navigation pane at the left, confirm that Basic Diagram is selected in the diagram types list in the middle, and click to select Block Diagram from the top row of the right window.

What are the arrowed lines in a block diagram?

While the blocks represent the key elements of the entire process, the arrowed lines show the relationship between the two objects and the direction the data, information, processing, signals, or the electric current flows in.