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What line should I use for a trotline?

The mainline should be nylon cord about 300 pound test; the trots also of nylon about 100 pound test. For a typical trotline, lay out about 100 feet of the 300 pound test line. Slide a large swivel down the line to the far end, then make a half hitch to hold the swivel on the line.

How deep do you set a trotline?

The first step for a trotline is cutting your pickets. I like to have one around 10 to 12 feet and another around 15 to 18 feet depending on the depth of the water. The best way to position your pickets is to find the back of a bend in a bayou where the current cuts the bottom deep within just a few feet of the bank.

Are trot lines illegal?

There are many ways to set a trotline, with most methods involving weights to hold the cord below the surface of the water. They are used for catching crabs or fish (particularly catfish). Trotlines should be used with caution as they are illegal in many locations.

How long should trotline drops be?

The backbone of the trotline is now complete. The short segments of line that will run between the swivels and hooks, called drops, can be attached now, along with the hooks. Ideally the drops should be 12 to 18 inches long.

How often should you check a trotline?

You should check the line every 4-6 hours. Checking the lines often will help ensure that you don’t lose as many fish, it’s also more humane to the fish, and you can re-bait those hooks that have lost their bait. Only catch as many fish as you will eat.

What’s the best bait for a trotline?

Best Live Bait to Use on a Trotline When targeting blue catfish or channel catfish, freshly cut parts of dead fish work best, followed by any types of dead bait or “stink catfish baits.”

Should a trotline be on the bottom?

Set trotlines at an uneven depth. The river bottom or lake bottom is not an even depth. Sometimes the best setup is to have one end anchored to the bank and the other end anchored in the middle of the stream to place the trotline across a little current swirl that will be irresistible to catfish.

What states are trot lines Legal?

In some states, trotlines are illegal such as Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Maine, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. In New Mexico and West Virginia, trotlines are restricted to only certain areas. In Virginia, trotlines can only be used for non-game fish.

Are Circle Hooks good for trotlines?

Registered. For those that have conducted their own testing, circle hooks win hands down. Get you some gama 4x 6/0 hooks and you will fair well.

What is the best trotline bait?

Why do they call it a trotline?

How ever trotlines got their name, they are part of an Ozarks fishing tradition that dates back many generations. Long before there were bass boats, graphite rods and electronic depth-finders; people were setting trotlines to catch catfish that prowled local waters.