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What lens mount is a Zorki 4k?

When it morphed into the Zorki 4K by 1973, its contemporaries included the FED 4b, Leica M4 and M5, Nikon F2, and Canon F-1 and Canon Canonet QL 17 GIII….Zorki 4.

Type 35 mm rangefinder camera
Lens mount 39LTM

Is Zorki 4k good?

The Zorki-4 is a perfect rangefinder on a budget (ie much less than $600). Although it doesn’t have Leica-level reliability, if you’re interested in a pure experience, looking to get started with rangefinder cameras, or are simply interested in having a Soviet built camera, this is a great buy!

How do you hold a rangefinder camera?

In portrait mode, rotate the camera so that the shutter release is at the top and your right hand index finger is on it. Hold the other side of the camera at the bottom corner with your left hand. If you need to adjust the aperture, do that, then move your hand back to the corner.

What kind of camera is the Zorki 4K?

The Zorki-4K is a 1970s Soviet-era 35mm film rangefinder camera. While KMZ did produce a Zorki-5 and a Zorki-6, the Zorki-4K body is actually the latest camera in the line, with a total of 524.610 cameras produced from 1972 to 1978. Latin Zorki-4K = Cyrillic Зоркий-4K and means Sharp Sight.

Is the Leica Zorki 4K a Leica clone?

Leica-mount Lenses: The Zorki 4K is a Soviet-era Leica copy made by the KMZ factory near Krasnogorsk, which is a suburb of Moscow. Like the FED and the Chinese Shanghai 58, the Zorki a very close close clone of the Leica screw mount cameras, using the same M39 mount and rangefinder design.

When was the first Zorki rangefinder camera made?

The Zorki-4 rangefinder series, based on the design of the German Leica L39 was first introduced in 1956. The series was possibly the most popular of all Zorki camera series.