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What labels are under Sony Music?

Sony Music Entertainment/Record labels founded

How do I contact Sony music company?

(493) 013-8880
Sony Music Entertainment India overview

Name : Sony Music Entertainment India
Headquarters : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Website :
Social Handles :
Contact Number : (493) 013-8880

How do I approach Sony Music?

Media questions about Sony Music artists should be directed to the publicity department of the label to which the artist is signed.

  1. Columbia Records: [email protected]
  2. RCA Records: [email protected]
  3. Epic Records: [email protected]
  4. Sony Music Nashville: [email protected]

Does Sony have a music label?

As of 2020, Sony Music Entertainment is the second largest of the “Big Three” record companies, behind Universal Music Group and followed by Warner Music Group. Its music publishing division Sony/ATV (now known as Sony Music Publishing) is the largest music publisher in the world.

Who owns Sony music label?

Sony Corporation
Sony Corporation of AmericaSony Entertainment
Sony Music Entertainment/Parent organizations

How do I submit my music to labels?

10. Demo Submission Checklist

  1. Send bulk emails to multiple record label contacts.
  2. Send a demo through social media messages.
  3. Tell the A&R that your demo is a work in progress.
  4. Send unfinished tracks, remixes, or mashups.
  5. Send tracks with copyrighted material.
  6. Attach MP3, WAV or other files to emails unless it’s preferred.

Who owns Sony Music label?

Does Michael Jackson own Sony Music?

In September 2016, Sony acquired the Jackson estate’s stake in Sony/ATV in a deal valued at around $750 million. The Jackson estate retained a 10% stake in EMI Music Publishing, and its ownership of Mijac Music, which holds the rights to Michael Jackson’s songs and master recordings.

Is UMG owned by Sony?

Sony Music Entertainment is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America. Universal Music Group is the global music leader, with wholly owned operations in 60 territories. Universal Music Group is a fully owned subsidiary of Vivendi.