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What kind of email do UAB students use?

UAB provides email for students, faculty and staff through Office 365, which means you get access to not only email but calendaring, contact management, task management functions and the Microsoft Office suite of applications, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, all by using your BlazerID and password.

What do I need to know about UAB it?

UAB IT will disable basic authentication including IMAP, POP, ActiveSync, and several other “basic” authentication protocols to better secure access to email. What clients support two-factor authentication and modern authentication?

Are there any changes to Office 365 UAB it?

UAB IT is not making changes to existing email client setups. Microsoft will be fully disabling basic authentication for Office 365 email accounts later in 2021. What does this mean to you? This change affects you if you can answer “yes” to any of these questions: Are you using Thunderbird or Outlook 2013/2010/2007 to read your email?

What does the blazerid in mean?

The BlazerID is the username (i.e., the part before @) portion of your address. When you register your BlazerID, you are given the option of designating a mailbox or setting up a UAB e-mail account where you would like to receive your mail.

What happens to my email after I leave UAB?

Your mailbox will be retained for 1 year after leaving UAB, but you can add in a forwarding address to have your BlazerID​ emails forwarded to another account you can access. Learn more about this process here.

Is the Internet Explorer browser compatible with UAB?

UAB IT no longer supports viewing this website on Internet Explorer and as such has not been tested on this browser. Please consider upgrading to a modern web browser such as the Chromium based Microsoft Edge .