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What jobs can you get after the army UK?

Table of contents

  • Jobs after the Army. Construction Manager. Logistics Executive. Paramedic.
  • Jobs after the Navy. Oil and Gas Project Manager. Marine Engineer. Research and Analysis Manager.
  • Jobs after the RAF. Project Manager. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Financial Manager.

What jobs do I qualify for after the military?

Top Civilian Jobs for Veterans

  • 1) Financial Advisor.
  • 2) Information Security Analyst.
  • 3) Management Consultant.
  • 4) Nurse Practitioner.
  • 5) Operations Research Analyst.
  • 6) Sales Manager.
  • 7) Software Developer.
  • 8) Mental Health Counselor or Psychologist.

Do police hire ex military?

The COPS Office is committed to supporting military veterans and the law enforcement agencies that hire them. Military veterans have demonstrated a strong work ethic, and the ability to work in teams and in challenging situations. These skills make many veterans ideal candidates for police work.

What is the age limit for ex servicemen?

and `D’ posts, which are filled through the Employment Exchange, the dis- abled Defence Services personnel would be allowed relaxation of the age limit up to 45 years of age (50 years in the case of disabled Defence Services per- g’onnel belonging to the SC/ST), or provided they satisfy the age limit pres- cribed for a …

Are there civilian jobs in the British Army?

The British Army Army civilian Jobs Job Title Salary Army Reserve Officer £20K-£20K Army Officer £33K-£33K ROYAL MILITARY POLICE OFFICER ROYAL MILITARY POLICE SOLDIER

What can you do in the UK Armed Forces?

If you’d like an exhilarating career, consider joining the Army, Royal Air Force or Royal Navy – a range of graduates are welcomed, including engineers, nurses and musicians The UK’s land, air and sea-based armed forces take part in combat, peacekeeping and humanitarian missions around the world to defend…

What kind of jobs are available in the Army?

Here are some examples of what’s available in each career area: Combat – infantry officer, paratrooper, tank crewman. Engineering – aircraft technician, infrastructure engineer, vehicle mechanic. Human resources and finance – education and training officer, HR officer, Royal Military Police soldier.

Where to apply for job in Ministry of Defence?

For details of current vacancies and how to apply for civilian jobs in the Ministry of Defence, visit the Civil Service Jobs website. We also have employment opportunities in the wider Ministry of Defence such as in our Trading Funds and Executive Agencies.