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What is Ward 3B Crosshouse Hospital?

ward 3B (respiratory medicine)

Does Ayr Hospital have maternity unit?

Ayrshire Maternity Unit is a purpose-built unit linked to University Hospital Crosshouse, and provides maternity services for the whole of Ayrshire.

What is Ward 5B Crosshouse Hospital?

renal high care and high dependency unit
ward 5B (renal high care and high dependency unit), and. neonatal ward.

When did Ayrshire Maternity Unit open?

Ayrshire Maternity Unit was opened within the grounds of University Hospital Crosshouse in 2006, replacing the former maternity facilities at Ayrshire Central Hospital. The Ayrshire Maternity Unit is the main facility within Ayrshire and all three NHS Scotland Ayrshire health boards providing maternity services.

What is Ward 4C Crosshouse Hospital?

Ward 4C in University Hospital Crosshouse is a surgical high dependency ward. The patients who are cared for in this ward include those who have been admitted for planned major surgery and admissions from the Accident and Emergency unit.

How many beds does Crosshouse hospital have?

University Hospital Crosshouse/Number of beds

What happens at an early pregnancy unit?

An Early Pregnancy Unit is a specialist unit that provides care for women with problems in early pregnancy. This often centres on the provision of an ultrasound scan to confirm the location and viability of a pregnancy.

When did Kilmarnock maternity home close?

I was asked recently when the Kilmarnock Maternity Home closed. It was opened in 1937 and remained in service until April of 1989 when services were moved to Ayrshire Central Hospital in Irvine.

When was Crosshouse hospital built?

University Hospital Crosshouse/Founded

What is Ward 2D?

Ward 2D is a busy general medicine ward at Whiston Hospital. The ward has 27 beds that are a mix of bays and single rooms. The ward matron explained that the ward specialises in diabetes and some patients using the ward can have dementia. Entrance to the ward is via a locked door and buzzer system.

Where is Alexander Fleming Education Centre Crosshouse Hospital?

The Alexander Fleming Education Centre is located within University Hospital Crosshouse. The Area Training Centre is located within the grounds of Ayrshire Central Hospital.

How many staff work at Crosshouse Hospital?

More than 9,000 staff work in our hospitals – two University Hospitals at Ayr and Crosshouse near Kilmarnock, Ayrshire Central Hospital in Irvine and Biggart Hospital in Prestwick.

How to get into Crosshouse maternity unit, Kilmarnock?

Access is via the M77/A71, turn right at the first roundabout up the B7064. Take the second entrance to the maternity unit, then take the road round the left of the building to the back entrance- knock loudly or phone to be let in.

Are there maternity services in Ayrshire and Arran?

In Ayrshire and Arran we offer a comprehensive, integrated maternity service within the hospital and community settings. You will be supported to make an informed choice as to where you will have your baby.

How long can you park at Arran maternity hospital?

There is a drop-off area at the main entrance, but then please park in a designated space. The hospital now has designated short and long stay parking areas. You can park in the short stay areas for a maximum of three hours and the long stay areas have no time limit.