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What is Umeme customer care number?

How may I report emergencies related to UMEME? Report all emergencies on 0800 285285 or 0800 385395 toll free.

How can I get Yaka token online?

To retrieve lost and recent Yaka tokens, simply load the UMEME mobile app and navigate to the app’s Account Balance tab. Next, go to the My Yaka! Tokens option to enter a meter number whose details you wish to check. More so, you can enter up to 5 meter numbers and retrieve their recent Yaka tokens in a single click.

How do I check my umeme token?

Using the UMEME App to check for your last Yaka Token

  1. Open UMEME App.
  2. Select “Yaka Tokens”
  3. Enter your Yaka Meter number and Press Enter.
  4. Your last purchased Token details will be retrieved.

Who owns Umeme in Uganda?


Rank Name of Owner Percentage Ownership
1 National Social Security Fund 23.20
2 Allan Gray 9.60
3 Kimberlite Frontier Africa Master Fund 8.30
4 Investec Asset Management Africa 4.40

How do I get umeme?

What you need to Get Connected

  1. APPLICATION & REGISTRATION. Apply Online. Pay inspection fees through our payment channels (Mobile money & banks)
  2. INSPECTION. Upon payment of inspection fees, our team will visit you for inspection.
  3. PAYMENT & CONNECTION. Upon successful inspection, You will pay connection fees.

How much is a unit of Yaka in Uganda 2021?

A domestic consumer who consumes the low Voltage single phase supplied at 240 volts will have their unit price reduced from UGX 750.9 to UGX 747.5, while a unit for commercial use now costs UGX 616.6 up from UGX 639.8.

How can I retrieve my token number?

How To Recover Kenya Power Token Messages

  1. On your mobile phone, dial *977#
  2. Navigate to “Prepaid Services”
  3. Select “Latest Token”
  4. Enter your Prepaid meter account number.
  5. Then hit “Send”

How can I get Yaka token number?

It is now very easy to get your last Yaka token when you pay for Yaka using #MTNMobileMoney. Simply dial *165*4*1*1# and choose option 3 to see your last Yaka token for free.

How can I retrieve my token?

To retrieve KPLC tokens number message that you deleted by mistake or accident before feeding the tokens to the meter number:

  1. Dial*977#
  2. Select prepaid service (Token) or Postpaid services (Bill)
  3. Select Latest Token.
  4. Enter Meter Number.
  5. Click Send.
  6. You will be sent the latest three token numbers you have purchased.

How can I get Yaka in Uganda?

The Process

  1. Step 1: Application & Registration. Pick and fill out a form at Umeme and pay the inspection fees.
  2. Step 2: Inspection. The Umeme team will visit you for inspection in 2 working days.
  3. Step 3: Meter Installation. A meter will be installed within 5 working days after payment.

Who owns electricity in Uganda?

There is an independent Electricity Regulatory Authority that undertakes sector regulation and oversight. The largest distribution company, UMEME , is privately owned and has a 20-year concession for distribution and retail.

How do I use umeme app?

Dial *185# • Select Payments (Pay Bill) • Select Utilities Umeme /TouchPay • Select Yaka! Enter your Yaka! account number • Enter Amount • Enter Mobile Money PIN • Confirm and wait for a verification message.