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What is the structure of spermatozoa?

Spermatozoa have a head, body, and tail. The head contains the nucleus and an acrosome, which contains enzymes required for the penetration of the zona pellucida of the ovum. The body or midpiece contains mitochondria, and the tail is a flagellum.

What are the parts and structure of spermatozoa?

A sperm cell consists of a head, body (mid-section) and a tail. Each of these parts is equipped with various molecules and smaller structure that allow the sperm as a whole to function properly.

What are the four parts of spermatozoa?


  • The head of the sperm contains the nucleus. The nucleus holds the DNA of the cell.
  • The midpiece of the sperm is packed with mitochondria. Mitochondria are organelles in cells that produce energy.
  • The tail of the sperm moves like a propeller, around and around.

Is spermatozoa haploid or diploid?

Sperm are haploid cells, meaning they have half the number of chromosomes that other cells of the body, which are diploid cells, have. Sperm must be haploid in order for normal sexual reproduction to occur….A Seminiferous Tubule.

Type of Cell Number of Chromosomes Process
Spermatozoon (sperm) Haploid Fertilization

How does each structure contribute to the sperm’s function?

A sperm cell consists of two parts, the head and the tail. The overall structure of the sperm makes it perfectly designed to carry out its function. The tail of the sperm helps give it the momentum it needs to reach the egg cell, so it is able to create the embryo in the first place.

Where are spermatozoa formed?

the testicles
Sperm are produced in the testicles and develop to maturity while traveling from the seminiferous tubules through the epididymis into the vas deferens.

Where are spermatozoa stored?

Sperm production in the testes takes place in coiled structures called seminiferous tubules. Along the top of each testicle is the epididymis. This is a cordlike structure where the sperm mature and are stored.

What is the main function of acrosome and tail of spermatozoa?

The acrosome is a unique membranous organelle located over the anterior part of the sperm nucleus that is highly conserved throughout evolution. This acidic vacuole contains a number of hydrolytic enzymes that, when secreted, help the sperm penetrate the egg’s coats.

How many chromosomes are in spermatozoa?

23 chromosomes
Chromatin is packed in a specific way into the 23 chromosomes inside human spermatozoa. The differences in the chromatin organization within sperm and somatic cells chromosomes are due to differences in the molecular structure of the protamine DNA-complexes in spermatozoa.

How many spermatozoa are produced by a secondary spermatocyte?

(a) Two spermatozoa are formed from one secondary spermatocyte.

Is there a free PowerPoint template for spermatozoa?

Today, new developments in the field of cloning and horticulture could happen due to progress in the field of genetic engineering. Free Spermatozoa PowerPoint Template is specifically designed for the presentations on genetics, the biological meeting of an embryo and its growth.

What are the parts of a sperm cell?

This labelled diagram shows the structure of a sperm cell in detail, which has the following parts: With its spheric shape, it consists of a large nucleus, which at the same time contains an acrosome. The nucleus contains the genetic information and 23 chromosomes.

Which is part of the spermatozoa produces mature sperm?

The process spermatogenesis, to produce mature sperm is quite complex. It begins with the proliferation and differentiation of spermatogonia, which develop from primary spermatocytes to secondary spermatocytes and round spermatids, which eventually develop into fertile mature sperm.

What is the function of the tail of sperm?

Tail As one shall see, it is the end part of the sperm, which contains the axial filaments. It helps the sperm to swim in the female genital tract. In fact, it is the part that allows sperm to swim fast enough. Read the full article on: What’s the Function of a Sperm Cell? – Definition & Structure(34).