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What is the sound a train makes?

As a train gets closer, it makes a rumbling sound. As it leaves the station, it makes a steadily increasing chugging sound. The whistle sounds like a forlorn call in the night. The brakes hiss and screech when the train slows down to a stop.

Who is the voice of train announcements?

Angela Schneider
Angela Schneider has been the voice of the announcements since 2012. (She took over from Wiener Linien security engineer Franz Kaida, who had been doing them for the past 44 years and received a Goldener Rathausmann medal on retirement.)

What is correct train station or railway station?

The term “train station” could be used for all kinds of trains, but “railroad station” (or railway station) would typically be used only for the longer distance intercity and commuter rail trains. Train stations for the subway and light rail are often called “subway stations”, even for trains that run above ground.

Who does train Voices UK?

Network Rail Stations

Station System Voice
London St Pancras International Atos Anne
London Victoria Atos Anne
London Waterloo Atos Anne

Who is the voice of London Underground?

Emma Clarke
Emma Clarke (born 1971) is an English writer of comedy and drama scripts and an award-winning voice-over artist, best known as the voice of the automated messages on the Bakerloo, Central and Waterloo & City lines of the London Underground.

Why is it a railway station and not a train station?

“Railway station” predates “train station” and it has been used almost exclusively in both American and British English prior to the 1930s when according to the data taken from the Corpus of Historical American English “train station” first started to occur in wider usage in American English.