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What is the song in the Specsavers advert 2020?

What’s the new Vision Express advert music? Song Title: Soulful Strut. Artist: Young-Holt Unlimited.

Who said should have gone to Specsavers?

Creator of ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ leaves brand after two decades. Specsavers Creative will now be led by Nicola Wardell. In 1999, Graham Daldry took his own advice (although he hadn’t put it into words yet) and went to Specsavers – not as a customer, but as the brand’s in-house creative director.

Who is the guy in the Specsavers advert?

Acclaimed actor Jim Gibney is the senior rocker grooving to Thin Lizzy’s Dancing In The Moonlight in the Specsavers hearing aids TV ad, which encourages customers to dance like nobody is watching.

What is the vision express music?

The music in the 2021 Vision Express advert is a song called ‘Soulful Strut’ that was recorded in 1968 by U.S. soul and jazz instrumental ensemble group Young-Holt Unlimited. The Chicago-based group consists of Drummer Isaac “Redd” Holt and bassist Eldee Young and pianist Ken Chaney in 1968.

Is specsavers a monopoly?

The optical industry was a profitable monopoly. Specsavers broke the mould because even with the incentives and discounts the margin on frames and lenses are good. Over the last 15 years, the market for glasses has grown.

Who does the voice over for Vision Express?

Mathew Horne
No doubt some of you will have recognised the voice already! We are pleased to have none other than Mathew Horne. Most of you will know Mathew from the popular TV series Gavin and Stacey and it’s with that friendly voice, that he brings Marvin to life.

Why are glasses so big now?

The Oversized Glasses Trend. It seems that it was Jackie Kennedy who started the oversized glasses trend. Large frames have a way of making eyes look larger and more expressive. This look has been used by celebrities and others who want to either hide their identities or increase their cool factor.

Who does the voice for Vision Express?

Where does the scream come from in Love Rollercoaster?

The scream comes from keyboardist Billy Beck. He lets out his visceral scream as the song ramps up, but it’s not like that’s out of the question for a band in the ’70s. As rumors about the song propelled “Love Rollercoaster” from funk hit to urban legend, the band never refuted the story.

Is the song Love Rollercoaster a urban legend?

As rumors about the song propelled “Love Rollercoaster” from funk hit to urban legend, the band never refuted the story. They didn’t exactly play into it, they just never said that the urban legends were wrong. Jimmy “Diamond” Williams explains: There is a part in the song where there’s a breakdown.

Who is the director of the Specsavers commercial?

No over 70s were harmed in the making of this commercial was all we could get out of Specsavers Creative Director Graham Daldry. The ad was filmed by well known American commercials Director Mike Bigelow, who came over from LA especially to shoot for Specsavers. It was written by Specsavers in house creative team,…