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What is the salary of sashidhar Jagdishan?

What is the salary of Sashidhar Jagdishan? As the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of HDFC Bank, the total compensation of Sashidhar Jagdishan at HDFC Bank is $181,000,000.

Who is Arvind Vohra?

Arvind Vohra is Group Head – Retail Branch Banking at HDFC Bank. In a career spanning over two decades, Mr. Vohra has worked with consumer centric categories in industries across the spectrum including Banking, Telecommunications, Consumer Durables, and Healthcare.

Who is Kaizad Bharucha?

Kaizad Bharucha serves as Executive Director of the Company. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University of Mumbai. He has been associated with the Bank since 1995. Prior to joining the Bank, he worked in SBI Commercial and International Bank in various areas including Trade Finance and Corporate Banking.

Who appoints MD and CEO in HDFC?

Sashidhar Jagdishan
Sashidhar Jagdishan has taken charge as managing director and chief executive officer of HDFC Bank, succeeding Aditya Puri, who retired on Monday after an illustrious career spanning 26 years. Mr Jagdishan has been appointed for a period of three years.

Who is highest paid salary in India?

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Artificial Intelligence Engineer ₹750,000 ₹606,782

Is HDFC a retail bank?

Retail Banking HDFC Bank offers a diverse range of financial products and banking services to customers through a growing branch and ATM network and digital channels such as Netbanking, Phonebanking and MobileBanking.

What is the salary of CEO of HDFC Bank?

HDFC Bank’s Aditya Puri emerged as the highest-grossing banker among the top three private-sector lenders in his retirement year with total emoluments of ₹13.82 crore.

Who is the CEO of HDFC Limited?

Keki Mistry (Jan 1, 2010–)
Housing Development Finance Corporation/CEO

Who is the most salaried person in India?

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  • Satya Nadella.