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What is the role of ASN and ASN Gateway in WiMAX?

Access service networks (ASN) provide a means to connect mobile subscribers using OFDMA air link to IP backbone with session continuity. ASN comprises base stations (BS) and access gateways named ASN-GW. The interface between the ASN and mobile subscriber is through BS with IEEE 802.16e-2005 (IEEE 80w.

What is ASN Gateway?

Client Sign-On – ASN-GW allows WiMAX users to log in the network, and maintain end-to-end IP connectivity – Implement core software control modules – Integrate core software control modules with HW and OS platform  Document Deliverables – Detailed Design (DD) for core software control modules development b.

Is WiMAX IP based?

There are two up-and-coming technologies and these two are the 3GPP LTE whose complete meaning is Third Generation Partnership Project Long Term Evolution and the IEEE 802.16 WiMAX whose full meaning is Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access.

Is WiMAX a man network?

WiMAX. WiMAX is actually a wireless MAN. It was initially designed to offer a wireless alternative to Internet connections to homes, usually by way of cable TV systems or DSL lines of a telephone company. WiMAX is also standardized by the IEEE as 802.16.

How ASN is different from CSN in WiMAX?

An ASN can consist of one or more base stations (BSs) and access service network gateways (ASN-GWs), which are all managed by a single network access provider (NAP). The CSN, on the other hand, is the entity which provides all the IP core network (CN) functionalities to the WiMAX radio equipment residing in ASNs.

What is the role of BS in WiMAX?

Base Station, BS: The base-station forms an essential element of the WiMAX network. It is responsible for providing the air interface to the subscriber and mobile stations.

What is wimax2?

WiMAX 2+ communication speed This is a network that allows you to use ultra high-speed communication with a maximum receiving speed of 220Mbps(*2) (with supported models during carrier aggregation) or a maximum receiving speed of 110Mbps (a maximum sending speed of 10Mbps).

Can WiMAX be used as WiFi?

WiMax can be used to provide internet services such as mobile data and WiFi spots.

What is WiMAX how it works?

WiMAX delivers ‘last-mile’ wireless broadband Internet access. Compared to the more prevalent Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11), whose coverage maxes out around 300 feet, WiMAX will, in theory, transmit a high-speed signal for 30 miles in every direction from a fixed station.

Is there an ASN for a WiMAX network?

The architectural framework of a WIMAX network consists of the Access Service Network (ASN) and the Core Service Network (CSN). For new, or small deployments addressing the fixed/nomadic markets, only an independent ASN is possible in this release. Release 1.0 only addresses the standalone Access Service Network Gateway (ASN GW).

What are the functions of the ASN GW?

The ASN GW supports Access Network authentication and security functions. The ASN GW provides local mobility anchor capability, so that users can move between base-stations.

What does the Cisco ASN GW Gateway do?

The Cisco ASN GW provides access gateway functions between the 802.16e wireless domain and the IP network. It is the first hop IP router from the user’s perspective and provides NAS and Accounting client capabilities for interaction with AAA servers. The ASN GW supports Access Network authentication and security functions.

Why are WiMAX chipsets used in mobile phones?

WiMAX is based on the IEEE 802.16d standard for fixed wireless, and the 802.16e standard for mobile wireless. This standard is appealing to customers because it allows mass production of chipsets that reduce CPE costs, ensure multi-vendor interoperability, and reduce investment risk for operators.