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What is the record for the most stairs ollied?

As seen on the cover of the January 2016 Thrasher magazine, the largest set of stairs ever ollied in history is in the books. Aaron “Jaws” Homoki has conquered the Lyon 25 stair in France. And yes, we mean the one that Ali Boulala attempted in the Flip video.

How many stairs did Jaws Ollie?

25 Stair
Aaron Jaws Homoki lands the Lyon 25 Stair Gap – YouTube.

How many stairs is Lyon 25?

Massive in scale, its 25 steps rise from a tessellation of small bricks into a frightening edifice. No handrails scar its face.

How many stairs is El Toro?

The El Toro 20 is named for its 20 concrete steps and for its home on the campus of the El Toro High School in Lake Forest, California. Over the past couple decades, this wide, steep monolith has witnessed some of the most beautifully senseless moments in BMX and skateboarding history.

Where is the Lyon 25-stair located?

Lyon, France
He also appeared on the cover of Thrasher magazine’s March 2016 issue by landing an ollie over Lyon 25, a 25-stair, measuring at a height of 14 feet 9 inches and a length of 22 feet, first made famous (though never landed) by Swedish skateboarder Ali Boulala in Lyon, France.

What is the biggest stair?

The Niesen Railway The steps that run alongside the Niesen mountain railway in Switzerland are officially the longest stairway in the world. There are 11,674 steps in all, and it’s only possible to hike them one day a year during the Niesen Run.

Has anyone died at El Toro stairs?

Has anyone died on El Toro stairs? Since last spring, El Toro has suffered the deaths of two students and one recent graduate. Two others remain in comas from injuries suffered in auto accidents. Todd Oliviera, 18, who was driving the car in which Leon was a passenger, remains hospitalized.

How many stairs is Hollywood High?

sixteen stairs
It’s situated between Sunset Blvd and N Highland Ave. There is a set of twelve stairs with rails, in the centre and at the sides. Just behind this set is where you can find something more difficult, the set of sixteen stairs with a central rail.

Has anyone landed the Lyon 25?

The Lyon 25 is the biggest set of stairs ever ollied on a skateboard. First attempted by Ali Boulala in 2003, the set was landed by Jaws in 2016.

Why is Aaron called Jaws?

Aaron “Jaws” Homoki is a strong transition skater with a relaxed style. Hey actually got his nickname because he used to wear braces so he is not ferocious as his nickname might make him out to be. Aaron comes from Arizona and he rides for Ipath Shoes, Birdhouse Skateboards, Independent Trucks and Bones Wheels.

How many stairs are in the world’s longest staircase?

11,674 steps
When in Bern, feel the burn. There are a world record 11,674 steps up the mountainside—enough steps to climb the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai four times, and enough to climb the Statue of Liberty 33 times.