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What is the real mileage of hero Glamour BS6?

Fuel efficiency Hero Glamour 125 BS6 Hero Glamour 125 BS4
City 64.10kmpl 61.32kmpl
Highway 69.49kmpl 58.3kmpl
Range (10-litres) 695km (highway) 583km (highway)

What is Glamour mileage?

A: According to the user reported data, Hero Glamour gives an average mileage of 55 kmpl. Q: Which is better Hero Glamour or Honda SP 125? A: Hero Glamour is priced at Rs. 75,431, has a 124.7 cc 5 Speed Manual engine, gives a mileage of 55 kmpl and weighs 122 kg, whereas, the price of Honda SP 125 is Rs.

How can I increase my mileage in Glamour bike?

Following are the Tips to Increase Bike Mileage:

  1. Get Your Bike Serviced Regularly. Servicing your bike at the right intervals plays an important role in your bike’s mileage.
  2. Carburetor Settings.
  3. Tyre Pressure Check.
  4. Good Quality Fuel.
  5. Avoid Rash Riding.
  6. Ride in Economy.
  7. Use the Kill Switch.
  8. Avoid Parking in the Sunlight.

What is the mileage of Glamour 150?

69.49 kmpl
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Mileage and Performance
City Mileage 64.10 kmpl
Highway Mileage 69.49 kmpl
Top Speed 90.86 kmph
Acceleration (0-60 Kmph) 7.10 Sec

What is Honda HET technology?

A performance accelerator to the Honda Eco Technology (HET) engine, Honda Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) technology optimizes energy output by maximizing efficient combustion and minimizing friction with a silent start & a smooth eco-friendly engine. Engine can easily be re-started with a simple twist of the throttle.

Which scooter is better for mileage?

Best Mileage Scooters in India: Price List

Model Price
TVS Scooty Pep Plus Rs. 56,009 – 58,759
Hero Pleasure Plus Rs. 58,900 – 64,100
Yamaha Fascino 125 Rs. 72,030 – 75,530
Suzuki Access 125 Rs. 73,267 – 82,396

What’s the mileage of a Hero Honda glamour?

Before talking about performance I shouldn’t hide the fact that many users have reported poor mileage for Hero Honda Glamour. On an average the mileage of the bike is 45 – 50 kmpl. But after 3 months of regular servicing, you should get more than 50 kmpl for sure. Some have reported 60kmpl constant mileage.

What kind of engine does the hero glamour have?

Owner Reported Mileage: BikeWale collects mileage information from bike owners to provide you with the actual mileage that you might get. The Hero Glamour is powered by 124.7cc BS6 engine which develops a power of 10.72 bhp and a torque of 10.6 Nm.

Is the Honda glamour 125cc a good bike?

If you are finding it difficult for changing the gears in one down, four up system, you would love Glamour. The 125cc engine gives a very good job of giving a smooth ride at higher speeds. This is primarily because of the positioning of the engine. Note that unlike other bikes, the piston in the engine moves back and forth instead of up and down.

Which is better Hero Honda or Bajaj bike?

Hero Honda and Honda bikes have better resale value than Bajaj and TVS. The engines are more durable and gives good performance even after years of use. Mr.Ganesh who owns a glamour says “ Hi! I have been using Hero Honda Glamour for the past 1.5 years and travelled arround 25000 Km. But still I am feeling as a new bike.