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What is the purpose of Immigration Act 13 of 2002?

The Immigration Act 13 of 2002 intends: to provide for the regulation of admission of persons to, their residence in, and their departure from the Republic; and. for matters connected therewith.

Can you lose South African permanent residence?

It is important to remember that permanent residence status is granted for the purpose of settling permanently in SA. Now that you have obtained this status, should you leave South Africa for a period of 3 years or longer, the Department of Home Affairs may withdraw your status.

What is Section 49 of Immigration Act?

Section 49 conditions If you don’t comply with the conditions of your visa, you and your dependent children may have to leave New Zealand.

Can a South African get a green card?

South Africa welcomes immigrants who are in a position to make a meaningful contribution to broadening the economic base of South Africa. You and your spouse qualify for a direct permanent residence permit if you have lived in South Africa on the basis of your work permit for a minimum period of five years.

What are the immigration laws in South Africa?

The South African immigration policy is embodied in the Immigration Act (No 13 of 2002) which prescribes certain requirements which are to be met by an applicant who wishes to immigrate permanently to South Africa. The requirements are: The applicant must be of good character. He / she must be a desirable inhabitant.

Which laws protect citizens from human rights violations?

Human rights are legislatively protected by: the Bill of Rights, which is contained in Chapter 2 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa 1996.

How long do you have to live in South Africa to become a citizen?

five years
Citizenship by naturalization You can apply for South African citizenship through naturalization if you have held a permanent residence permit for at least five years if you have married a South African, or you are a minor under 21 years with a permanent residence.

What is Section 18A of the Immigration Act 1987?

Requirements imposed under section 18A of the Immigration Act 1987 may be lifted if the principal applicant provides evidence of compliance within three months after the expiry date of the investment period. the amount invested; and. the date the investment was lodged; and.

Can my resident visa expire?

Your New Zealand resident visa expires each time you leave. You can apply to have multiple entry travel conditions added to your visa for up to 2 years if you: do not want your resident visa to expire each time you leave New Zealand.

How many types of permits are there in South Africa?

There are 13 PRP categories, including for workers, business owners, dependents and relatives, retirees, and refugees.

When did new Immigration Act come into effect in South Africa?

South Africa’s New Immigration Act Summary. The below information is supplied by Intergate Immigration. On Friday the 23rd May 2014 we received the new Immigration laws, with an implementation date of Monday the 26th May 2014.

When do new immigration regulations come into effect?

The changes to these regulations will come into effect on Monday the 26th May 2014 as per the electronic government gazette released today.

How much income do you need to apply for immigration in South Africa?

Applicants have to prove R37,000 monthly income per person per month from pensions, retirement annuities or property rentals. Alternatively, applicants can also prove they have a capital sum in the bank that’s equivalent to R444,000 per annum (R1,776,00 for the full four years).

How long can you stay in South Africa without a visa?

The new regulation proposes that even a once-off offence could mean being declared persona non grata (an unwelcome person) for between 2 and 10 years. Previously, Immigration Directive no. 43 stated that you could remain in the country without a valid visa as long as a submitted visa application was being processed.