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What is the postcode for Tamborine?

Tamborine/Postal codes

What suburb is Mount Tamborine in?

Mount Tamborine is a town within the locality of Tamborine Mountain in South East Queensland, Australia….Mount Tamborine, Queensland.

Mount Tamborine Queensland
Postcode(s) 4272
Time zone AEST (UTC+10:00)
LGA(s) Scenic Rim Region
State electorate(s) Scenic Rim

What is canungra postcode?

Canungra/Postal codes

Why is it called Mount Tamborine?

The Yugambeh language is the origin of the name Tamborine, which means wild lime and refers to the finger lime trees that grow on the mountain. The Tamborine district was included in the Bunton Vale pastoral run (1843) which was renamed Tambourine. In time the name was applied to the parish and the plateau.

What is the postcode for Maudsland?

Maudsland/Postal codes

Is Mt Tamborine a good place to live?

Tamborine Mountain is a popular place to live thanks to its pleasant climate, with temperatures on the average 4 degrees less than the lowlands, and generally good rainfall.

What LGA is Mt Tamborine?

Mount Tamborine is in the local government area of ‘Beaudesert’. The ‘Beaudesert’ local government area is classified as a ‘Shire’.

What Aboriginal land is Logan on?

Yugambeh language
The Yugambeh language people are the traditional custodians of the land located in south-east Queensland and north-east New South Wales, now within the Logan City, Gold Coast, Scenic Rim, and Tweed City regions whose ancestors all spoke one or more dialects of the Yugambeh Language.

Is Maudsland a suburb?

Maudsland is great suburbs for those wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle or Brisbane CBD or the Glitz and Glam of the Gold Coast. Maudsland is quiet leafy suburb where you can find large acreage blocks. Appeals to a select group mainly families with kids and couples.

What is the postcode for Oxenford?

Oxenford/Zip codes

How many people live on Tamborine?

Tamborine Mountain is a 28 km2 (11 sq mi) plateau (8 km long by 4 km wide) and locality in the Scenic Rim Region of South East Queensland, Australia….Tamborine Mountain.

Tamborine Mountain Queensland
Population 7,506 (2016 census)
Postcode(s) 4272
LGA(s) Scenic Rim Region
State electorate(s) Scenic Rim