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What is the point of view of Fasting, Feasting?

The novel is written in the third person limited point of view. This means that the author tells the story from an objective position, as if viewing the story’s events without benefit of any thoughts or feelings coming directly from the individual characters.

What literary devices are used in Fasting, Feasting?

In Anita Desai’s cultural and influencing novel, Fasting, Feasting, the author employs literary devices such as figurative language, reluctant speech, and third person point of view in order to characterize Arun’s distasteful experience at the beach.

What is the tone of Fasting, Feasting?

Perhaps the main theme of Fasting, Feasting by Anita Desai is the operation of patriarchy on the lives of Indian women, with emphasis on how it limits their opportunities for happiness and self-development, and traps them in marriages that are almost a form of slavery.

What is the most important motif used in the novel fasting feasting?

Family Life and Individual Freedom.

What is the name of the protagonist in fasting feasting?

First, in Fasting, Feasting by Anita Desai, I analyse Uma as a protagonist in the novel. Uma lives in the family who still have traditional values; girls are to be married and boys are to become as educated as possible. And Uma is portrayed unattractive, unintelligent and clumsy which makes her unlikely to get married.

What are the main themes of fasting feasting?

Fasting, Feasting Themes

  • Gender and Social Roles.
  • Family Life and Individual Freedom.
  • Plenty/”Feasting” vs.
  • Tradition/India vs.
  • Loneliness and Togetherness.

Who wrote the novel Fasting Feasting ‘?

Anita Desai
Fasting, Feasting/Authors

Who are mama and papa in fasting feasting?

Mama is the wife of Papa and the mother of Uma, Aruna, and Arun. Throughout the novel, her first name is never revealed—rather, she is just called Mama, defined by her roles as wife and mother. Mama is the picture of a proud, submissive wife, seldom expressing an opinion different than her husband’s.