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What is the movie High Tension about?

A beautiful young Frenchwoman, Alex (Maïwenn Le Besco), travels out to the country to visit her family and brings along her friend Marie (Cécile de France). Soon after they get settled in the secluded home, Alex’s parents are brutally attacked by a psychotic truck driver (Philippe Nahon), who proceeds to stalk the two women as well. When the killer kidnaps Alex in his truck, Marie hides in the back to try and rescue her, but the bloodshed is far from over.
High Tension/Film synopsis

Is High Tension a good movie?

The consensus states: “There is indeed a good amount of tension in this French slasher, but the dubbing is bad and the end twist unbelievable.” It also received a score of 42 on Metacritic based on 30 critics, classifying it as having received “mixed or average reviews.” Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an …

Where was High Tension filmed?

The French title translates both to “high tension” and “high voltage.” They considered other English titles including Switchblade Romance, “but it was maybe too campy.” They settled on High Tension as it very clearly summed up the intended feel of the film. 3. They filmed in Romania, near Bucharest.

Is High Tension on Netflix?

Sorry, High Tension is not available on American Netflix. We check Netflix hundreds of times a day, so you can check back regularly to see when it appears for streaming.

How was Marie the killer in high tension?

High Tension’s twist ending sees Marie (Cecile de France), one of the two friends at the center of the story, revealed to have been the killer the whole time. Marie was in fact secretly in love with her best friend Alex, and also a delusional, psychotic, murderer.

What does high tension power mean?

adjective. (Electrical engineering: Electrical power, Distribution) A high-tension cable carries more than 1000 Volts between conductors and 600 Volts between conductors and ground. You need very high voltage for transmission on high-tension power lines.

Is Marie the killer in high tension?

Is high tension based on intensity?

Intensity is a novel written by Dean Koontz in 1995. A two-part miniseries was produced in 1997 that aired on the Fox network. High Tension is a 2003 French film directed by Alexandre Aja. The first half of all three works have virtually the same plot.

Is high tension on Prime?

Watch High Tension | Prime Video.

Is high tension dubbed?

(1) U.S. English Language Dubbed Version – everything is dubbed in English. (2) U.S. Unrated Version – half of the film is subtitled, and half of the film is dubbed (which is how it was released in theaters). For the US theatrical release, the film was rated R by the MPAA.

Is voltage the same as tension?

As nouns the difference between tension and voltage is that tension is condition of being held in a state between two or more forces, which are acting in opposition to each other while voltage is (physics) the difference in electrostatic potential between two points in space.

Is tension a feeling?

Tension is a feeling of worry and anxiety which makes it difficult for you to relax. Tension is the feeling that is produced in a situation when people are anxious and do not trust each other, and when there is a possibility of sudden violence or conflict. The tension between the two countries is likely to remain.

Who are the actors in the movie High Tension?

(May 2019) High Tension (French: Haute Tension, French pronunciation: ​ [ot tɑ̃sjɔ̃]; released in the United Kingdom as Switchblade Romance) is a 2003 French horror film directed by Alexandre Aja, written by Aja and Grégory Levasseur and starring Cécile de France, Maïwenn, and Philippe Nahon .

What was the original rating of high tension?

High Tension was picked up by independent distributor Lions Gate Entertainment following a successful screening at the Midnight Madness section of the 2003 Toronto International Film Festival. The film was originally rated NC-17 in the U.S. for strong graphic violence.

What was the plot of the book high tension?

Its plot follows two female students who arrive at a secluded farmhouse to study, where they are shortly invaded by a serial killer .

How does Marie get back to the truck in high tension?

Exiting on foot, badly injured, Marie runs into the forest as the killer seeks her. Eventually, Marie bludgeons the killer with a fence post covered in barbed wire. As Marie inspects the body, he grabs at her throat, so Marie suffocates him with a plastic sheet and makes her way back to the truck.