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What is the most popular school in Brisbane?

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Order School Yr 9 Enrolments
1 Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology 203
2 Brisbane Grammar School 254
3 Brisbane Girls Grammar School 249
4 St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School 109

What are the best primary schools in Brisbane?

The Best Primary Schools in Brisbane

  1. Clayfield College, Clayfield, Private.
  2. Somerville House, South Brisbane, Private.
  3. The Lakes College, North Lakes, Private.
  4. Rainworth State School, Rainworth, Public.
  5. MacGregor State School, MacGregor, Public.
  6. Ashgrove State School, Ashgrove, Public.

What is the number 1 school in Australia?

Top 150 Secondary Schools in Australia

# School Name Search Volume
1 James Ruse Agricultural High School 4200
2 North Sydney Girls High School 2700
3 North Sydney Boys High School 3500
4 Sydney Girls High School 3400

How do I choose a high school in Brisbane?

Here are 5 tips for choosing a good school in Brisbane.

  1. Making Sense of Secondary School Academic Results.
  2. The Importance of Secondary School Co-curricular Opportunities.
  3. Select the type of secondary school that suits your child and their needs.
  4. Quality teachers make the most difference to student outcomes.

How many high schools are there in Brisbane?

All private and independent primary schools and secondary schools in Brisbane are included with at least 15 schools listed as a Christian school, 115 Catholic schools, 11 Anglican schools and 22 non-denominational schools. Brisbane has some of the best schools in Australia.

What do they call high school in Australia?

Secondary schools
Secondary schools in Australia are also called high schools and colleges (or junior, intermediate, or senior colleges). Secondary schools vary across each Australian state and territory, but they generally cover Year 7 to Year 10 (compulsory period of education) and beyond to Year 12.

Does Brisbane have a good education?

Banyo, 13 kilometres north of Brisbane’s CBD, was the No. 1 rated suburb for access to education in Brisbane, scoring an impressive 10 out of 10….

Brisbane suburbs with the best access to schools:
Rank Suburb
9. Kingston
10. Logan Central

How do I choose a school in Brisbane?

Things to consider when choosing a Brisbane Highschool

  1. Public V Private – this can impact how early you need to enrol your child.
  2. Fees and costs involved including scholarship options.
  3. Distance from home- transport options.
  4. Enrolment requirements e.g. religion, catchment areas etc.

What is the best primary school in Queensland?

Cannot find a school on this best schools list? Find it on Ratings or Compare Schools Page.

Order School State Overall Score
1 St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School 100
2 Rainworth State School 100
3 Brisbane Grammar School 100
4 St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School 100

Are there any private schools in Brisbane Queensland?

Information on all private schools in Brisbane, Queensland. There are over 200 private schools in Greater Brisbane. This list includes all non-government and independent primary and secondary schools in the Greater Brisbane area.

Which is the best boarding school in Brisbane?

The Anglican Grammar School Is one of the best boarding schools in Brisbane Australia. It was formerly known as the Church of England Grammar School. The school is an independent Anglican day and boarding boys’ school located in East Brisbane, an inner suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

What kind of Education is available in Brisbane?

Student studies are focused on English, Maths, Science, Humanities, Social Sciences, Art, Technologies, Languages, Health and Physical Education. Many schools in Brisbane offer English language support to international students.

Which is the first state high school in Brisbane?

Brisbane State High School was the first state secondary school established in Brisbane. Edarabia showcases all private schools in Brisbane through which parents can filter by tuition fees, curriculum, rankings & ratings.