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What is the most hated blood type?

Type B blood had the worst reputation with 32 percent of women disliking men with type B blood, followed by type A (30.1 percent) type AB (12.5 percent), and type O (6.4 percent). Only 18.5 percent said they did not dislike a blood type.

Can you tell someone’s personality by their blood type?

They do not rely on the astrological information and signs alone, rather on the blood type for personality matching and information. Yes, your blood group can reveal your personality type!

Which blood type has the highest IQ?

The holders of (AB) blood type are the highest ones in the percentage of their intelligence. And that scientists and geniuses in this blood group are more than any other holders of other blood groups.

What blood type is the rarest?

type AB
In the U.S., the blood type AB, Rh negative is considered the rarest, while O positive is most common.

What kind of personality does a blood type AB have?

Blood type AB is a mix of A and B personality types. People consider them complicated and double-sided. For instance, they can be outgoing just like Bs and shy like As. At times, people view them as having double personalities, and they keep their true personalities from strangers.

What kind of person is a blood type a?

Blood type A personalities can be passionate, but require trust to be established before they can be intimate with someone. They tend to be perfectionists who demonstrate patience. A’s are most compatible with other A’s or with the blended personality of AB.

Is there a connection between personality and blood type?

The connection to immunology has had health education researchers making a correlation between personal health patterns and blood types for centuries. Though you’re not likely to ever study the blood-related personality types in a health science degree program, it is fun to decide for yourself whether ketsueki-gata principles apply to you.

What are the personality traits of blood type O?

Source: Some of the positive personality traits in people with blood type O are; leadership ability, self-determined, easygoing, optimistic, calm, confident, outgoing, loyal, cautious, passionate, peaceful, resilient, independent, trendsetter, reliable, carefree, and devoted.