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What is the minimum credit score for a gas card?

640 credit score or higher
You’ll need a 640 credit score or higher for most gas cards. That’s fair credit or better. At this credit level, you may qualify for gas cards from specific stations such as the Phillips 66 Credit Card or the ExxonMobil Gas Card..

What is the easiest fuel card to get?

Here are some of the best easy approval gas credit cards:

  • Discover it® Secured Credit Card: $0 annual fee.
  • Credit One Bank® Platinum Visa® for Rebuilding Credit: Annual fee of $75 intro 1st yr, $99 after.
  • Walmart® Store Card: $0 annual fee.
  • Shell Gas Card: $0 annual fee.
  • Chevron and Texaco Gas Card: $0 annual fee.

How bad is a 610 credit rating?

A FICO® Score of 610 places you within a population of consumers whose credit may be seen as Fair. Your 610 FICO® Score is lower than the average U.S. credit score. Consumers with FICO® Scores in the good range (670-739) or higher are generally offered significantly better borrowing terms.

Does a gas card build credit?

Consumers looking for a way to build credit should absolutely look into gas credit cards, whether secured or unsecured. Gas cards can help you build credit while you learn positive credit habits, and you can even score some rewards or fuel discounts along the way.

What credit score do I need to get a Chevron gas card?

The Chevron gas card requires “Fair” credit for approval, which generally means a score of at least 620. However, a fair credit score won’t always be sufficient.

Is there a credit card for gas only?

There are two types of credit cards that could be considered gas credit cards. One type is issued by gas stations, and the other is a more general rewards card that offers bonus rewards for gas purchases. The gas station-branded credit cards often offer a gallon-based discount.

Can I buy a car with 610 credit score?

A: It’s possible to apply successfully for an auto loan with just a 610 credit score. If you’ve a credit score somewhere around 610, you will definitely a better likelihood of qualifying for car finance if you make an application for vehicle loans online.

Can I get an apartment with a 610 credit score?

Most individuals or companies renting an apartment want credit scores from applicants to be 620 or higher. People with credit scores lower than 620 may indicate they are a high risk renter.

How hard is it to get a Shell credit card?

The typical applicant approved for the Shell credit card will have at least fair credit, which means a score of 640 or higher. Therefore make sure to check your credit score before you submit an application with them. It’s a good card, but don’t waste a hard inquiry.

What bank does Shell gas card use?

Shell has two store-branded cards issued by Citibank: the Shell Fuel Rewards Card and the Shell Fuel Rewards Mastercard.

What should my credit score be for a gas station credit card?

Most Gas Station Credit Cards Require Fair Credit. The vast majority of gas-station branded credit cards will want you to have at least fair credit, which means a FICO credit score above 580, and applicants with scores above 650 will have the best approval odds. That being said, each credit card issuer has its own particular standards,…

What should my credit score be for a Valero gas card?

Earn 4¢ per gallon when you purchase 50 to 74.9 gallons a cycle, and 8¢ per gallon if you purchase 75 or more gallons per cycle, to a maximum of 110 gallons. The lowest scores reported for the Valero credit card are between 551 and 600, but the bulk of approved applicants have at least fair credit.

Can you get a gas card if you have bad credit?

Unfortunately, having bad credit makes the near-reliance on credit cards an issue. In fact, a low score can make it tough to find a reliable card for everyday spending, let alone finding a good gas card for bad credit. That doesn’t mean you’re without options, however.

What can I do with a credit score of 600?

What you can get with a 600 to 650 credit score is a solid unsecured credit card or a low-fee secured card that will allow you to build credit and, maybe, earn some rewards. Use your new card responsibly for six to 12 months, and your score should increase enough to get your hands on even better cards. 1.